My parcel is not at the Pick-up point or in the Parcel Locker. What now?

We are sorry that you were unable to collect your parcel. Please check the following before contacting our customer service:

  • Whether your parcel is not at a different Pick-up point or Parcel Locker. This can happen very exceptionally. You will always be informed via e-mail, in the My bpost app or via Track & Trace.
  • Whether your parcel has not been returned to the sender. Your parcel remains available maximum 5 days in a Parcel Locker and 14 days at a Pick-up point. You will always find the latest pick-up date in the e-mail you have received from us (or in the My bpost app).

My parcel is not at the pick-up point

If your parcel should be available at the Pick-up point according to Track & Trace, but it isn’t, ask for more information via the chatbot, in Track & Trace or in the My bpost app. This should be the quickest way to get an update on the status and the whereabouts of your parcel. If not, as a last resort you can fill out the online form at the bottom of this page to start an investigation.

To start a chat, simply enter the barcode number and postcode of your parcel in Track & Trace.

My parcel is not in the Parcel Locker

If your parcel had to be delivered to a Parcel Locker with a screen, please call 02 320 23 90 (24/7 available).

If your parcel had to be delivered to a Screenless Parcel Locker, please call 02 278 50 87 (24/7 available).

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