Delay parcels from United Kingdom and Germany
Due to IT-problems at our partner Royal mail and strikes at Deutsche Post, we expect delays in the delivery of letters and parcels from Germany and United Kingdom to Belgium As soon as the parcel arrives in Belgium, the status of your parcel will be updated. Unfortunately, our customer service cannot provide you with further information.


What does a barcode look like and where can I find it?

There are several bpost barcodes in circulation for parcels. Here are the most common ones.

  • 24 digits starting with 3299 or 3232 (e.g. 329998745632147852365873)
  • 18 digits starting with 3232 (e.g. 323256984521032569)
  • 13 characters starting with two letters (CE, EE, CD, CZ) and ending with two letters (e.g. EE123456789BE)
  • 27 characters starting with JJBEA (e.g. JJBEA2356412012365478896541)

The following barcodes are used for registered mail:

  • 30 digits for national registered mail, starting with 010 (e.g. 010541288500452621221234567890)
  • 13 characters for international registered mail, starting with R (e.g. RA123456789FR)

You’ll find the barcode in the following places:

  • shipping label
  • receipt
  • mailing receipt
  • notice of absence (see image)
  • confirmation email
  • communication from the sender


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