Parcel Locker

bpost Parcel Locker

bpost Parcel Locker

Receive, send and return parcels quickly and easily

  • In less than 30 seconds
  • Available 24/7
  • In your neighbourhood or along the way
  • Most ecological choice

Receiving a parcel


When shopping online, choose to have your parcel delivered to a Parcel Locker. Or choose to have your parcel delivered directly to a Pick-up Point via My Delivery Preferences. As soon as your parcel is available, you will receive an e-mail with a QR code.


Go to the Parcel Locker and hold the QR code in front of the scanner. You have 5 days to pick up your parcel. You can also use the QR code in the My bpost app.


The door of the locker that contains your parcel will spring open. Remove your parcel then close the locker door. Done!

Send or return your parcel quickly


Koop een verzendetiket , print het af en kleef het op je pakje. Retourneer je een pakje, kleef het retouretiket dan op het oorspronkelijke verzendetiket.


Ga naar een Pakjesautomaat en houd de barcode op het etiket voor de scanner. Kies een locker die groot genoeg is voor je pakje.


Plaats je pakje in de locker en sluit het deurtje. Zodra de postbode je pakje afhaalt, ontvang je een afgiftebewijs per e-mail.

bpost Parcel Locker

Follow your parcel

You can easily follow your parcel with Track & Trace. Would you prefer to follow all your parcels in one app? Download the My bpost app.


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Perhaps you still have one of these questions

bpost returns your parcel to the sender in the following cases:

  • If the sender entered an incorrect address for the Parcel Locker.
  • If the sender did not communicate your (correct) email address. In that case, we cannot inform you about your parcel.
  • If you didn't remove your parcel from the Parcel Locker after 5 calendar days.

Contact the sender to be able to receive your parcel.

You can remove your parcel from a Parcel Locker by scanning the barcode that you received via the My bpost app or email. If you chose direct delivery to a Parcel Locker, you will also receive a QR code and 6-digit code that can be used to pick up your parcel. Scan or enter your code and the door of the locker that contains your parcel will spring open. Remove your parcel and close the locker door.

There can be different reasons why your parcel was not delivered to a Parcel Locker:

  • The Parcel Locker was full or out of order due to a technical breakdown.
  • Your parcel was too heavy or too large for delivery to a Parcel Locker.
  • Some parcels cannot be delivered to a Parcel Locker; these include Registered Mail (signature required) and parcels that require payment upon delivery.

If we cannot deliver your parcel to a Parcel Locker, we will deliver it to a different Pick-Up Point close by. You will be informed with Track & Trace and the My bpost app.

As soon as your parcel is delivered to the Parcel Locker, you have 5 calendar days to pick it up (no extension possible). We return the parcel to the sender on the sixth day.

Anyone can pick up your parcel. He or she must have the barcode, 6-digit code or the QR code that you received via email or in the My bpost app.

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