Receive a parcel from Belgium


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Receive a parcel from Belgium

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    Manage all your parcels in one convenient app:

    • Track all your parcels, even those delivered by other companies
    • Set your delivery preferences
    • Decide which parcels you want status updates for
    • Pay customs duties for deliveries from outside the EU securely
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    My Delivery Preferences

    Choose where we can deliver your parcel

    Directly to a Pick-up Point

    Collect it on the day of delivery

    We deliver your parcels before 11:00 AM to the Pick-up Point or Parcel Locker of your choice. You can collect your parcel the same day.

    • Ecological

    You can pick up your parcel the same day. This way, the postman doesn't have to visit you and you help reduce carbon emissions.

    Find a Pick-up Point


    Not home and you did not set up My Delivery Preferences?


    The postman may deliver your parcel to a safe place or a neighbour. If that doesn't work, your parcel goes to a Pick-up point in your neighbourhood.

    You will receive a failed delivery notice indicating where your parcel is. If your parcel has been delivered to a Pick-up point, you can collect it at the indicated Pick-up point from 11:00 the next workday.


    You will receive an e-mail as soon as your parcel is in a Pick-up Point, and the status of your shipment will change on Track & Trace and in the My bpost app.


    You or someone else can pick up your parcel after showing either:

    • your failed delivery notice
    • your confirmation e-mail
    • your confirmation in the My bpost app

    If your parcel is not collected within 14 days, then it will be returned to the sender

    Perhaps you still have one of these questions

    If your parcel was not delivered, check the status of your shipment via Track & Trace or the My bpost app first. If the status of your parcel has not changed for a while (at least 5 workdays for shipments to a neighbouring country, at least 10 workdays for the United Kingdom and all other countries), ask the sender to contact our customer service. Only the sender of your parcel can submit a complaint.

    If you are the sender, please contact our customer service. It is best to do this via the online form at the bottom of this page. This way, you can immediately provide us with all the necessary information to start an investigation quickly.

    As soon as bpost has received your shipment, you can track its progress via the My bpost app or Track & Trace using the barcode.

    You will often receive an email from the sender when your barcode is created. In most cases, you will not be able to track your parcel immediately via our Track & Trace. This is because it is still being prepared by the sender and therefore has not yet been handed over to bpost.

    As soon as the sender hands your parcel over to bpost, you will be able to track it.

    Some tips in case you didn't receive anything:

    • Ask whether someone else (your neighbour or co-occupant) accepted your parcel.
    • If it is a small parcel, it's possible that the postman placed it in the letterbox.
    • Your parcel may have been delivered according to your delivery preferences (at a Pick-up point, in your safe place, with your neighbour).
    • Check Track & Trace or the My bpost app if the adress on your parcel is correct.
    • Check if you received a failed delivery notice in your letterbox. It will indicate where your parcel is.

    If you are the receiver and still cannot find your parcel, contact the sender for a solution. Only the sender can start an investigation at bpost and ensure that you receive the parcel.

    If you are the sender, please contact our customer service via the online form at the bottom of this page. This way you can immediately provide all the necessary information and documents to process your file.

    After we have received your parcel from the sender, we try to deliver all parcels sent within Belgium the next workday. You can follow the status of your parcel with Track & Trace and the My bpost app using your barcode. The stated time slot for delivery is an indication; 95% of the parcels are delivered within this time slot.

    More information about the delivery period of international parcels.

    If you are not home at the time of delivery, we can deliver your parcel to your chosen location. For that to work, you need to set your delivery preferences.

    1. Go to MyPreferences or download the My bpost app.
    2. Enter the details that you use when ordering a parcel.
    3. Select your favourite delivery location if you are not home
    • a Pick-up point or Parcel Locker in your neighbourhood
    • a safe place (e.g. carport, garden shed, under a lean-to, etc.)
    • a neighbour

    bpost sends you a separate email for each parcel that you are expecting. You can modify your delivery preference each time for a specific parcel. (For example, you want to choose a different neighbour because your previously chosen neighbour is away on holiday.)

    Tip: You can follow all your parcels at a glance with the My bpost app and you can change where your bpost parcel will be delivered until 5 minutes before the delivery.