Send your parcel within Belgium in just a few clicks

Send a parcel within Belgium

Send your parcel within Belgium

Quickly shipped and delivered, the way you want

  • Choose from different shipping solutions: online and offline
  • Delivery at home, in a Pick-up point or Parcel Locker
  • Always a Drop-off point with flexible opening hours close by
Send immediately

Create your shipping label in a few clicks. Also possible with the My bpost app.

Send your parcel in 4 easy steps

Prepare your parcel

1. Place the contents of your parcel in a suitable sturdy box.

2. Fill up the empty space.

3. Seal the box with adhesive tape.

For more details, see our packaging guide

Don’t have a sturdy box at hand? You can buy one at eShop, at a post office, a Post Point or a Parcel Point.

Choose a delivery solution

Weigh and measure your parcel. Then choose the shipping solution that suits you best: online, via the My bpost app or in a sales point.

Hand in your parcel

Attach the shipping label on the top of your parcel and hand it over to a Drop-off point in your neighbourhood.

Follow your parcel

Your parcel will be delivered the next workday. Follow the status of your parcel with Track & Trace or the My bpost app

Download the My bpost app

Manage all your parcels in one convenient app:

  • Track all your parcels, even those delivered by other companies
  • Set your delivery preferences
  • Decide which parcels you want status updates for
  • Pay customs duties for deliveries from outside the EU securely
my bpost app

Choose the delivery solution that suits your needs


  • Delivery to an address, Pick-up point or Parcel Locker
  • Up to 30 kg
  • Delivered the next workday


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With warranty

  • Goods guaranteed up to €500
  • Confirmation of receipt with date of delivery and signature of receiver
  • Delivery to an address or Pick-up point
  • Up to 30 kg
  • Delivered the next workday


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Letter box parcel

  • Package + shipping label
  • Delivery to an address
  • Up to 1 kg
  • Delivered the next workday


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  • Delivery to an address
  • Up to 30 kg
  • Delivered the next workday


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With warranty

  • Goods guaranteed up to €500
  • Confirmation of receipt with date of delivery and signature of receiver
  • Delivery to an address
  • Up to 30 kg
  • Delivered the next workday


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Calculate the price of your shipment

Find a Drop-off point in your neighbourhood

Find a Drop-off point

Would you prefer to have your parcel picked up? That's possible from . Request this online

Follow the status of your parcel

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Or follow it in the My bpost app

Perhaps you still have one of these questions

The price to send a parcel depends on the weight, size, destination and the shipping option (with a guarantee, delivered to a Pick-up Point, etc.). You can easily calculate the price of your parcel online using our price calculator. Enter the destination and weight and discover our prices instantly.

Most senders have permanent agreements with bpost regarding lost and damaged parcels. Only you, the sender, can ask to open a dossier for a lost or damaged parcel because you paid bpost for the shipment.

Contact our customer service via the online form at the bottom of this page. This is the quickest way to start an investigation.

  • In case of damage, your complaint must be submitted to us within 7 calendar days.
  • If the status of your Track & Trace remains unchanged for several workdays (at least 5 workdays for shipments to a neighbouring country, at least 10 workdays for the United Kingdom and all other countries), then the sender can also request an investigation.

If you are the recipient, please contact your sender.

bpost delivers during the weekend in certain cases. This depends on the type of shipment, the sender and the delivery address. Letters and registered mail are currently only delivered on weekdays.

Some senders, such as certain web shops, have agreements with bpost to have their parcels delivered to home addresses on Saturdays and Sundays. It is therefore possible that your parcel will be delivered to your home or to a Pick-up point or Parcel Locker (on Saturday between 8:00 and 17:00) and to your home (on Sunday between 9:00 and 19:00).

For the time being, parcels will not be delivered directly to a Pick-up point or Parcel Locker on Sunday. These are delivered to the Pick-up point or Parcel Locker on Monday. 

You can follow the status of your parcel via the My bpost app or Track & Trace.

To deliver your parcel correctly, we need the following details:

  • Your address. In case your parcel is returned.
  • Address of the addressee, Pick-up Point or Parcel Locker of your choice. If you create your shipping label online, you can easily choose the Pick-up Point or Parcel Locker from a list.
  • Email address of the addressee (required when sending to a Parcel Locker). That way, we can take their delivery preferences into account (if within Belgium).
  • The dimensions and weight of your parcel.

Sending a parcel outside the EU

In addition to the above data, for a parcel outside the EU you also need to fill in the CN23 document completely and attach a copy (More information on customs documents):

On this form, you have to fill in the following fields:

  • Sender
  • Addressee
  • Phone number and email address of the recipient
  • HS code: Customs worldwide use the uniform HS code (Harmonized System) to identify goods. To find out which code you should use, please consult FPS Finance.
  • Country of origin
  • Shipment details

Always include two copies of the invoice or the pro forma invoice.
For shipments with a value of more than €1,000 you should also add the Single Administrative Document.

For parcels in Belgium, you can choose from different delivery possibilities:

  • At a home or work address
  • In one of the 2800 bpost Pick-up Points:
    • Post Office
    • Post Point
    • Parcel Point
    • Parcel Locker

For parcels to foreign countries, you must always send to an address. The Netherlands and France are exceptions. In these countries, you can also send your parcel to a Pick-up Point. Moreover, this is cheaper than shipping to an address. With our online shipping tool, you can easily find a Pick-up Point in the area based on the postcode.


Packaging advice to rule out shipping problems

Preparing your parcel? Follow these four steps to ensure it’s delivered safe and sound


  1. Get a suitable box
    • You should choose a sturdy box that is the right size for the contents.
    • The heavier the contents, the sturdier the box needs to be.
  2. Fill up the empty space
    • Use scrunched up newspaper, for instance, to fill up the empty space in your box.
    • Wrap up fragile objects properly, for instance with bubblewrap.
  3. Close the box
    • Use strong adhesive tape (at least 48 mm wide).
    • Ensure the box is properly closed, including the sides
  4. Affix the shipping label
    • Affix your shipping label on the largest side, ensuring it is completely legible/readable.
    • If you are using an old box, remove any other labels or barcode.

For more details and practical security and sustainability tips, see our packaging guide.

Purchase your packaging

Online or in a Post Office or Post Point in your neighbourhood

  • That way you are sure that your parcel complies with the guidelines
  • You can choose different sizes and gift packages