Send a Letter, Card or Registered Mail

Send a letter or card

Send letters, registered mail and cards

Zegels bestellen

Aangetekende zendingen


Adressering en frankering

Registered mail

Extra safe way to send important mail within Belgium or send it abroad.

Send registered mail
  • The advantages of registered mail
  • Receive a confirmation or receipt with the receiver's signature
  • For only €1.35 extra
  • Within Belgium or send it abroad

Addressing and stamping

All you need to know about stamping and addressing letters and cards for Belgium or abroad.

    Calculate price and send


    The price of your letter depends on:

    • the speed you desire (priority or non-priority delivery)
    • the size and weight of your letter

    Use our online tool to calculate the price of your letter quickly. Enter the destination and the weight of your letter to find out how many and which stamps to put on your letter.

    Your letter or card can have any shape or size, but if it's not the standardised dimension then you will have to pay a surcharge.

    A standardised letter or card is always rectangular with the following characteristics:

    • Minimum 90 x 140 mm
    • Maximum 125 x 235 mm
    • Maximum 50 g
    • Maximum 5 mm thick

    Use our online tool to calculate the price of your letter quickly.

    bpost has stamps for shipments outside Belgium. There are stamps for Europe (Europe) and for the rest of the world (World).

    You can buy them at our Postal office and Postal Points and in our eShop.

    The number and type of stamps for your letter sent abroad depends on the size, weight and destination of your letter.

    Use our online tool, enter the destination and weight, and discover which stamp(s) you need for your letter sent abroad.

    The mail delivery may be disrupted due to exceptional circumstances (a strike, illness or extreme weather conditions). In that case, we do all that we can to deliver your mail correctly and as quickly as possible.

    Do you have a contract with our Moving Department and you don't receive mail at your new address? Perhaps something has gone wrong with forwarding your mail or your contract with the Moving department has expired. Check this in the frequently asked questions about the Moving department.

    If there is another reason, your can report your incorrect postal delivery online, preferably via our online form. We will ask for your contact details so that we can inform the right employee and can deliver your mail correctly in the future.