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Can I set it up so that my postcard is only sent a week from now?
You can choose the mailing date of your postcard. For example, you can plan all the birthday cards for the entire year. You cannot choose the delivery date. We deliver your postcard within 3 workdays in Belgium. For addresses outside Belgium, we treat your postcard like priority mail – we print your card the same day. For the delivery, we depend on foreign postal services.
Are the postcards created with Mobile Postcard sent as priority or non-priority mail?
Your postcard is non-priority mail for Belgian destinations. If you send your postcard before 15:00, we will deliver your home-made postcard within 3 workdays. If you make a postcard and send it abroad, bpost will print and send that card the same day. The delivery date of your postcard depends on the postal service in that country.
What is the difference between Mobile Postcard and MyCard?
With Mobile Postcard, you make a real postcard from your photos or video. You do that with the app on your smartphone or your tablet. MyCard works on your computer or tablet. You design your own card or choose one from the Hallmark card collection. You need a separate account for both tools.
How do I know if my postcard was sent?
When your personalised postcard is sent, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and your postcard will be under Follow-up > Sent. Please note: the confirmation e-mail will be sent to the address that you used to log into the app. You didn't receive an e-mail? Look under Menu > My account to see which e-mail address you used to log in. Tip for sending your Mobile Postcard: enter a return address under Menu > My account > Return address.
Can I place text on the photos of my postcard?
You can place text on the front of your postcard or video card. After adding your photo or photos, decorate your postcard with a theme, stickers and/or text.
Can I send the same postcard to several people with Mobile Postcard?
You can send the same postcard to several people in two ways: You add several addresses to the postcard. Handy if you are sending Christmas cards or holiday postcards. You can send the same postcard to several people in one click. You send a previously sent card once again but to someone else. Tap on a card, choose 'Resend' then edit the card if desired.
Can my Mobile Postcard by blocked by bpost?
If your postcard or video card contains shocking, unethical or illegal images or messages, bpost can block your card and pass your file to the courts or the government.
How long are my credits valid?
Your credits for making postcards remain valid for 3 years after the last time you used the Mobile Postcard app to send a postcard or buy credits.
Can I place several photos on a postcard or video card?
You can place several photos on your photo card or video card. You can choose from different designs with 1, 2, 3 or 4 photos.
Can I receive and send a Mobile Postcard anywhere in the world?
You can make and send a home-made postcard from anywhere in the world. And you can send it to family and friends all over the world. All you need is the Mobile Postcard app on your smartphone or tablet, and Wi-Fi or mobile internet to send your card. The price of your postcard includes the printing, stamp and delivery.
Can I change my postcard right after sending it?
Once you press 'Send', your postcard is gone and you can no longer change it. You can reuse the same card and send it to someone else or to the same person. You must pay for the new card. You can do this up to 2 weeks after having sent the postcard the first time. You start with a copy of the card and edit it in the app.
Is the photo, video and text on my postcard checked before shipment?
Because it concerns private correspondence, we do not check it systematically. We can access the files if that's necessary, for example to check the quality. Use Mobile Postcard with respect: only use photos that you own, and do not mail shocking, unethical or illegal photos. If we get reports of improper images or messages, we will report this to the judicial or regulatory authorities.
Are my photos protected with portrait rights?
You can only use photos and videos that you own. Do not use confidential photos, videos or files, or items from the internet. If you use a photo of someone on the postcard, that person must give you permission to use it.
How can I be sure that I enter the correct address?
When you type a Belgian address, the app automatically checks whether bpost is familiar with that address. If the app suspects an error, you will get a message and a suggestion from the Mobile Postcard app. Tip: always add the box number if there is one.
What type of photos cannot be used on Mobile Postcard?
Only use photos that you own, and do not use shocking, unethical or illegal photos. If we get reports of improper images or messages, we will report this to the judicial or regulatory authorities. The client is responsible for the content of the postcard.
How long can I resend a previously sent Mobile Postcard?
You can resend a previously sent postcard within two weeks. You must pay for that new card.
I want to send my Mobile Postcard from outside Belgium. Is that possible?
You can send your Mobile Postcard from and to any destination in the world.
How do I enter a return address with Mobile Postcard?
Go to Menu > My account > Return address to enter a return address. If something goes wrong during delivery, the card will be sent back to you.
How many Mobile Postcards can I send in one go?
You can send about 30 postcards at the same time with the Mobile Postcard app. The number fluctuates depending on your internet connection and the file size of your photos (and video if you added one).
Can I send and pay for different postcards in one go?
You can send several postcards in one go. Create your postcards first, add a personal message and the address, then click on 'Close'. The design of those cards will be saved. When you are done, go to 'Follow-up' and tap on the 'Send Multiple Cards' button.
What is the minimum quality that a photo must have to make a nice postcard?
Your photo must be at least 1831 x 1276 pixels. If you have a smartphone that is less than 4 years old, then the quality of your photos will be fine. Tip for better photo quality: don't zoom in too much.
Can I personalise the card that I send to lots of people?
You can personalise a postcard for lots of people by resending the card. Send the card to one person. In the app, go to 'Follow-up', tap on the sent card and choose 'Resend'. You can still edit the card, for example with a different salutation
Does bpost get rights to my photo(s) if I send a Mobile Postcard?
bpost never gets the property rights of your photos. We only use the photos to print your postcard.
Can I continue working on my postcard on another device?
The design of your postcard is saved in the memory of your smartphone or your tablet. You cannot access it from a different device.
How quickly will my personalised postcard be delivered?
If you send your postcard before 15:00, we will deliver your home-made postcard within 3 workdays for addressees in Belgium. For destinations outside Belgium, we will treat your postcard like priority mail in Belgium. The speed of delivery depends on the postal services abroad.
Can I follow my postcard online with Track & Trace?
You cannot follow your Mobile Postcard with Track & Trace. Postcards sent before 15:00 will be delivered within 3 workdays in Belgium.
How do I make a postcard with Mobile Postcard?
You make a postcard with the Mobile Postcard app on your smartphone or your tablet. Step 1: download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Step 2: click on ‘Send a postcard’. Step 3: choose the layout of your postcard and select one or more photos from your smartphone or your tablet, or create a photo in the app. Step 4: if desired, add stickers and a theme to your personalised postcard – there is a suitable layout for every season. Step 5: add a personal message and type the address Step 6: pay and send your postcard. The addressee will receive the postcard that you created online in the form of a real postcard in their letterbox within 3 workdays. You can also make a video postcard with Mobile Postcard.
How do I know if my Mobile Postcard arrived?
You know that your postcard is in transit when you receive a confirmation e-mail. In the app, under 'Follow-up' it will also say 'Sent'. You can ask the addressee if your card arrived.
bpost's Mobile Postcard app works with credits. How does that work?
If you want to make an original postcard with the Mobile Postcard app – of your holiday, for a wedding or birthday – you can pay postcard per postcard or buy several credits in advance. You can send one postcard to a Belgian address with 1 credit. A postcard to an address outside Belgium costs 1.5 credits. To buy credits, log in or create an account. The advantages of credits: You save time because you don't have to pay postcard per postcard. You save money because you get a discount when you buy credits.
How long will my personalised postcard be saved?
Unsent postcards remain in the app as a design until you delete or send them. Sent postcards also remain in your overview. If you want to send the same card again, you can do so up to 2 weeks after having sent the card the first time. That way you don't have to recreate a nice design.