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Which stamps do I use for a letter to a foreign address?
bpost has stamps for shipments outside Belgium. There are stamps for Europe (Europe) and for the rest of the world (World). You can buy them at our Postal office and Postal Points and in our eShop. The number and type of stamps for your letter sent abroad depends on the size, weight and destination of your letter. Use our online tool, enter the destination and weight, and discover which stamp(s) you need for your letter sent abroad.
Do I have to write the address in a certain way? In which language?
To write an address correctly, follow the international ISO standards. Write the address in English or in an official language of the destination country.
How do I send a letter abroad?
To send a letter abroad, you need an international stamp: Europe for European destinations and World for the rest of the world. Mail your letter in one of the red mailboxes or drop it off in a Post Office.
How quickly will my letter be delivered abroad?
We cannot guarantee a period for international letters. bpost treats your letter as Priority mail, but the speed of delivery depends on the postal service in the destination country.
What happens to my letter if I write the address incorrectly or the addressee has moved?
If you wrote your address on the back of the envelope, the undelivered letter will be sent back to you.
Are there priority stamps for international destinations?
We automatically treat international mail as priority mail. But the final delivery period depends on the postal service in the destination country. bpost has no influence over this. To be sure that your letter or card is treated as priority mail abroad, attach an 'A PRIOR' stick-on label. You can get those labels for free in a Post Office.
Why can my letter or card be returned?
The most common reasons for returning a letter are:
  • The letter does not have a stamp.
  • The letter does not have enough stamps.
  • The letter contains an incorrect address.
The reason why your card or letter was retuned is written on the red sticker.
Are there things that I can't send abroad or to specific countries?
It is forbidden to send money by both national and international mail. More information about things that you cannot send as a letter can be found in the General Terms and Conditions. Sometimes it's better to send objects in a reinforced envelope or as a parcel. Do you want to send an important letter? We recommend that you send it as Registered Mail (if desired with a Declared Value).
Is it best to pay for insurance for my international mail?
You can only take insurance if you send your letter as International Registered Mail. We advise you to use Registered Mail if you send valuable mail.
Does customs open my letter?
In principle, customs does not open any letters. But they do have the right to do that. For example, if your mail looks suspicious.
Can I get confirmation of receipt of my letter sent abroad?
You will receive confirmation of receipt if you send your international mail as International Registered Mail.
What is the price for sending a death notice?
Sending a death notice is the same price as sending a regular letter. Just like for a regular letter, you can choose to send your death notice as priority or non-priority mail.
  • With priority delivery, your death notice is delivered the next workday in Belgium.
  • With non-priority delivery, your death notice is delivered within 3 workdays in Belgium.
Consult the exact price via the 'Stamps & Letters' menu on our prices page. This page also lists the prices for death notices sent abroad (under International) You'll find special mourning stamps in our Post Offices and Post Points and in the eShop. These provide extra recognition when handling your death announcements.