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How do I stamp my letter correctly?
Look at the price table.
What can/can't I send with an envelope?
Look in the General Terms and Conditions to see what you cannot send in a letter. When sending objects, it's best to use a reinforced envelope or send it as a parcel.
How do I write the address correctly on the envelope?
Just like with electronic addresses, one letter can affect the proper delivery. Validate your address to be sure that it is known at bpost. The photo below shows how to write the address of the addressee correctly. Don't forget to mention the name of the addressee (required) and to put your own address on the back of your letter (recommended but not required).Adres brief EN
I forgot to attach stamps. What will happen to my letter?
You wrote the return address on the envelope: the letter will be returned to you. You did not write a return address: the postman will ask the recipient to pay the shipping. Not in cash, but in the form of the missing stamp(s) on a yellow postage card. The recipient must mail that card. When bpost receives the postage card, your letter or card will be delivered to the recipient.
Do the contents determine whether I am sending a letter or a parcel?
The size determines whether your item is sent as a letter or a parcel. A letter becomes a parcel if it exceeds the following dimensions and weight:
  • 230 mm in width
  • 350 mm in length
  • 30 mm in height
  • 2 kg  
Are there things that I can't send abroad or to specific countries?
It is forbidden to send money by both national and international mail. More information about things that you cannot send as a letter can be found in the General Terms and Conditions. Sometimes it's better to send objects in a reinforced envelope or as a parcel. Do you want to send an important letter? We recommend that you send it as Registered Mail (if desired with a Declared Value).