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Send a letter: how do I calculate the price?
The price of your letter depends on:
  • the speed you desire (priority or non-priority delivery)
  • the size and weight of your letter
Use our online tool to calculate the price of your letter quickly.
How do I stamp my letter correctly?
Look at the price table.
Which stamps do I use for a letter to a foreign address?
bpost has stamps for shipments outside Belgium. There are stamps for Europe (Europe) and for the rest of the world (World). You can buy them at our Postal office and postal points and in our eShop.
Where can I find the price of non-standardised mail?
You can calculate the price of your non-standardised letter on our website. Look at our table with prices.
How do I write the address correctly on the envelope?
Just like with electronic addresses, one letter can affect the proper delivery. Validate your address to be sure that it is known at bpost. The photo below shows how to write the address of the addressee correctly. Don't forget to mention the name of the addressee (required) and to put your own address on the back of your letter (recommended but not required).Adres brief EN
Are (really) old stamps still valid?
  • You can continue to use old stamps. All stamps as from 2 October 1961, even those in Belgian franks, remain only valid for non-piority delivery within Belgium.
  • You cannot use them as a priority stamp.
How do I stamp my standardised letter?
The number of stamps on your non-standardised letter depends on the weight of your letter. Look at the table on our website or calculate the price with the online tool.
I have urgent mail. Can my letter be delivered tomorrow?
To have your letter delivered tomorrow, use a Priority stamp and place it in a red mailbox (do that before the last collection) or drop off your letter in a Post Office before 16:00.
Do I have to write the address in a certain way? In which language?
To write an address correctly, follow the international ISO standards. Write the address in English or in an official language of the destination country.
I forgot to attach stamps. What will happen to my letter?
You wrote the return address on the envelope: the letter will be returned to you. You did not write a return address: the postman will ask the recipient to pay the shipping. Not in cash, but in the form of the missing stamp(s) on a yellow postage card. The recipient must mail that card. When bpost receives the postage card, your letter or card will be delivered to the recipient.
I didn't put enough stamps on my letter. How do I rectify the error?
As soon as your letter is sent, you cannot change it. If you wrote a return address on the back, the letter will be returned to you.
Can I take my letter to a Post Office and purchase a stamp and envelope there?
You can buy stamps and envelopes in the Post Office and mail your letter right away. Note: we do not sell stamps and envelopes per piece; they come in packs of 10. You can find pre-stamped envelopes, even in packs of 10, in the Post Office.
How do I stamp an urgent shipment?
If your mail is urgent, choose a Priority stamp. That way your letter will arrive the next workday.
Where do I attach the stamp on my envelope?
You always attach stamps in the upper-right corner on the front of your envelope.
I got my letter back because the address was incorrect. How do I know if I am using the correct address?
To be sure of the correct address, you can validate it online on the bpost website. You check if the address is known at bpost and if the person still lives there. If your addressee has moved, you will have to ask him/her for the new address. Note: if you got your letter back because the address was incorrect, use a new envelope and new stamps.
Is it better to send urgent mail as registered mail?
Registered mail is not faster than a regular delivery. To have your letter delivered tomorrow, use a Priority stamp and place it in a red mailbox (do that before the last collection) or drop off your letter in a Post Office before 16:00.
I made a mistake in the recipient's address. What should I do?
If we cannot deliver your letter and your address is on the back of the envelope, then the letter will be sent back to you.
Tip: always validate the address with our online tool.
I didn't put enough stamps on my letter and got it back. Can I send it again with extra stamps?
You can no longer use the envelope and stamps if you got the letter back. You will have to send your letter in a new envelope with new stamps.
Can I send a non-standardised letter as registered mail?
You can send your non-standardised letter as registered mail.
What is the price for sending a death notice?
Sending a death notice is the same price as sending a regular letter. Just like for a regular letter, you can choose to send your death notice as priority or non-priority mail.
  • With priority delivery, your death notice is delivered the next workday in Belgium.
  • With non-priority delivery, your death notice is delivered within 3 workdays in Belgium.
Consult the exact price via the 'Stamps & Letters' menu on our prices page. This page also lists the prices for death notices sent abroad (under International) You'll find special mourning stamps in our Post Offices and Post Points and in the eShop. These provide extra recognition when handling your death announcements.