Why hasn't my international shipment been delivered?

If your parcel come from outside the European Union: it must undergo an import process and this can lead to delays in delivery.

If your parcel comes from inside the European Union: there is no default import process. If it wants to, customs can check shipments from inside the European Union.

The duration of the import process depends on the following two factors:

  • The value of your parcel, and whether your parcel has the necessary information to perform clearance. In this phase of the import process, the customs fees, VAT and any other fees (like anti-dumping duties and environmental duties) are calculated.
  • Whether customs or other official authorities have to check your parcel. That is the case for medicine, plants and food, weapons, suspected counterfeit goods, etc.

Estimated handling period for clearance

Table receive international shipment – Estimated handling period for clearance
* Up to €45 if it concerns a non-commercial parcel from private citizen to private citizen. Alcoholic products, perfumes and tobacco products are not exempt of fees for customs formalities.

Additional handling period for certain products


Table receive international shipment – Additional handling period for certain products
* is investigated by customs and trademark owner
** after receipt of the necessary licences

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