Why do I have to pay import costs for a barcode number I do not know?

In most cases an online shop or sender will let you know which barcode you can use to follow your shipment online. In some cases, items are shipped without tracking. Examples include small items that fit in an envelope (a small cable, accessories, etc.)

If this shipment comes from outside the EU, it will go through the import procedure upon arrival in Belgium. This shipment without tracing receives a barcode that starts with the letter 'U'. This allows you to pay the import costs via the My bpost app or Track & Trace.

Once the import procedure has been completed, the status of this barcode (which starts with 'U') will no longer change. It will become a shipment without tracking once again, until it is delivered to you.

Please remain alert for suspicious messages. Are you expecting a shipment? Could the text message or email you received be phishing? To be sure, check the barcode in the My bpost app or via Track & Trace. You can also find photos of your shipment there. If a payment is requested there as well, you can be sure that the shipment is destined for you.

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