Why do I have to pay 'fees for customs formalities'?

Fees for customs formalities are administrative charges that are charged by the bpost customs clearance service for:

  • determining the contents and value of the parcel
  • contacting the addressee in case the contents, value and details of the parcel do not correspond or are incomplete;
  • creating the required customs declaration;
  • storage and warehousing of the shipment during the collection of customs duties.

These charges apply to all shipments from outside the European Union (+ United Kingdom). You can, however, avoid additional taxes, customs duties and administrative costs by ordering from a registered online shop (Import One-Stop Shop or IOSS). You can easily recognise a recognised webshop: if your shopping basket states that VAT is included, you are safe! Most major webshops such as AliExpress, eBay and Wish are already registered.

Ali ExpressEbayWish

NB: shipments with a value above €150 are always subject to customs duties and administrative processing costs.

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