My parcel is from outside the EU. What process does it have to go through before I can receive it?

When a parcel from outside the European Union arrives in Belgium, it is handed over to the bpost customs clearance service, which prepares it for customs clearance. The process is as follows:

1. Clearance of the parcel

If VAT on your parcel has been paid in advance via the webshop, it will be immediately handed over to customs. If not, it will be cleared through customs first. This includes the calculation of customs duties, VAT and any other fees (like anti-dumping duties and environmental duties). As of July 1, 2021, this applies to all shipments, regardless of their value. More information about the customs rules.

As the recipient, you must pay these import costs in advance via the My bpost app or via Track & Trace. You will receive an email, text message or letter with a payment invitation.

2. Security check

Customs performs a security check on all goods arriving in Belgium from outside the European Union. Customs checks whether the goods can be imported to Belgium. If not (e.g. counterfeit goods, weapons or medicine), customs blocks your parcel. If so, your parcel is cleared and will be released.

3. Delivery of the parcel

As soon as customs clears the goods, bpost takes care of delivery. Bear in mind that the whole process can take several days. You can track the status of your parcel via Track & Trace. You will be notified if any further formalities need to be completed.


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