I have already paid VAT through the webshop. Now I have to pay again. How is that possible?

In exceptional cases, you may have to pay VAT and import costs a second time on your shipment. This is because the IOSS webshop on which you ordered or the local postal company of the sender did not (correctly) register this information.

An IOSS shop is required to forward its IOSS number digitally. Customs uses this number to read out the necessary information about your shipment automatically. If this number is not transmitted or valid, the bpost customs clearance service is obliged to charge the recipient for VAT and customs formalities. (It is not enough to note the IOSS number on the package or to communicate it afterwards.)

If you are charged import costs and VAT a second time, then:

  • You can refuse the shipment in the My bpost app or Track & Trace and request a full refund from the sender.
  • You can pay the import costs and reclaim the VAT from the sender who wrongfully charged it. To do this, contact the sender and present your proof of payment from the My bpost app or Track & Trace.
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