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How do I make and order personalised stamps?
How does MyStamp work? Step 1: Choose your photo
Select a photo from your computer, tablet, smartphone, Picasa, Flickr or Facebook. It can be horizontal or vertical. You can edit your photo in the tool; for example you can zoom in or add some text. Good to know: the photos remain your property. bpost does not become the owner of your photo and does not have the right to use your photo unless you give explicit permission. Step 2: Make your choice
Choose your stamp: Priority stamp, Non-Priority stamp (1 for standardised mail in Belgium and 2 for non-standardised mail up to 100 g), a Europe or World stamp. Choose the number of stamp sheets. Step 3: Enter your details
Enter your promotional code then choose whether you want to log in or continue without an account. Step 4: Pay for your order
Pay for your personalised stamps with Maestro, Visa, MasterCard or home banking.
How much do personalised stamps via MyStamp cost?
  Check the prices of personalised stamps on the MyStamp website. The more stamps your order, the cheaper. Moreover, bpost delivers your order for free.
Can I make personalised stamps?
With the MyStamp web tool, you can make personalised stamps with your favourite photo.
Can I use personalised MyStamp stamps on square envelopes?
You can use personalised MyStamp stamps for all standardised and non-standardised mail. It is the ideal stamp for invitation cards. In that case, choose a stamp with a value of 2.
Can I make personalised stamps for every kind of shipment with MyStamp?
There are personalised stamps for every kind of shipment:
  • Priority in Belgium – for next workday delivery
  • Non-Priority in Belgium, values 1 and 2 – for delivery within 3 workdays
  • Mail within Europe (Europe stamp)
  • Mail for rest of the world (World stamp)
Is it possible to make personalised stamps?
You can make personalised stamps with your own photos with MyStamp. You select a photo on your computer, on social network websites like Facebook, or on online web albums. You receive your personalised stamps in your letterbox within 5 workdays. For companies that is within 10 workdays.
Can I use any image on my personalised stamp?
  • Choose a JPEG photo in colour or black and white of maximum 3.2 MB.
  • Make sure that you own the copyright of the photo. Don't just use photos taken off the internet. Unethical, provocative or misleading photos are forbidden.
What is the size of a MyStamp stamp?
You can choose between a horizontal or vertical stamp.
Size of a horizontal Non-Priority stamp:
  • Stamp: 72 mm x 31.4 mm
  • Photo: 52 mm x 28 mm
Size of a vertical Non-Priority stamp:
  • Stamp: 44.5 mm x 31.4 mm
  • Photo: 25 mm x 28 mm
Size of a horizontal Priority stamp:
  • Stamp: 72 mm x 31.4 mm
  • Photo: 48 mm x 27 mm
Size of a vertical Priority stamp:
  • Stamp: 44.5 mm x 31.4 mm
  • Photo: 20.5 mm x 27 mm
Can I get an invoice for my personalised stamps?
You can get an invoice for your order of personalised stamps. You must make and order your stamps with MyStamp Pro, the tool for companies, and mention your VAT number when paying. We will send your invoice 3 workdays after your order was placed to the address that you mentioned.
Do I have to order a minimum number of personalised stamps at MyStamp?
The minimum number is one sheet of 10 or 20 stamps. The more stamps you order, the lower the price per piece.
How do I attach MyStamp stamps?
The stamps of MyStamp are self-adhesive. You attach the stamps in the upper-right corner of your envelope.