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Which stamps do I use for a letter to a foreign address?
bpost has stamps for shipments outside Belgium. There are stamps for Europe (Europe) and for the rest of the world (World). You can buy them at our Postal office and postal points and in our eShop.
Where can I find the price of non-standardised mail?
You can calculate the price of your non-standardised letter on our website. Look at our table with prices.
Are (really) old stamps still valid?
  • You can continue to use old stamps. All stamps as from 2 October 1961, even those in Belgian franks, remain only valid for non-piority delivery within Belgium.
  • You cannot use them as a priority stamp.
Where can I buy stamps?
You purchase stamps in:
  • Our eShop
  • A Post Office or Post Point in your neighbourhood
  • In a stamp shop: there are more than 5000 shops that sell stamps – supermarkets, petrol stations, bookshops, etc.
Can I order stamps online and have them sent to my home address?
Buy your stamps quickly and easily via our eShop. Your order will be in your letterbox within 3 workdays.
Can I take my letter to a Post Office and purchase a stamp and envelope there?
You can buy stamps and envelopes in the Post Office and mail your letter right away. Note: we do not sell stamps and envelopes per piece; they come in packs of 10. You can find pre-stamped envelopes, even in packs of 10, in the Post Office.
Where can I find the nearest Post Office or Post Point and the opening hours?
Click on the link beneath for a Post Office or Post Point in your neighbourhood, and to check the opening hours.
Do old priority stamps remain valid?
Priority stamps are valid if they were issued after 1 January 2019. All other stamps can be used if they were issued after 2 October 1961. Your letter will be treated like non-priority mail and delivered within 3 workdays.
Where can I find stamps for special occasions?
bpost regularly issues special stamps for national mail, Priority stamps, and Non-Priority stamps with a value of 1. Special stamps can be purchased in:
  • Our eShop
  • A Post Office or Post Point
  • A stamp shop (bookshops, supermarkets, petrol stations, etc.)
Note: for non-standardised mail you must attach multiple special stamps until you attain the correct price.
How much do personalised stamps via MyStamp cost?
  Check the prices of personalised stamps on the MyStamp website. The more stamps your order, the cheaper. Moreover, bpost delivers your order for free.
Can I buy pre-stamped envelopes?
You can buy pre-stamped envelopes in our eShop, a Post Office in your neighbourhood, and in some shops like AVA and Makro.
Can I buy stamps from my postman?
You can purchase stamps from your postman. Ask for a 'Please Postman' sticker.
Are stamps more expensive if I buy them online?
The price of stamps is always the same no matter which channel you use to purchase them. If you order stamps via our eShop, shipping costs will be added.