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How do I send a parcel with a Parcel Locker?
You can send your parcel by leaving it in one of our Parcel Lockers. You can find them everywhere in Belgium, near supermarkets, stations, office buildings, etc. Sending a parcel via a Parcel Locker with screen
  • Take your parcel (with a return label on it) to a Parcel Locker in your neighbourhood.
  • Scan the code on your shipping label or enter the barcode manually.
  • Put the parcel in the locker that opens automatically. If the locker is too small, press 'Report a problem' on the screen and close the locker. A larger locker will then open.
  • Close the door and confirm on the screen.
Sending a parcel via a Screenless Parcel Locker
  • Take your parcel (with a return label on it), to a Parcel Locker in your neighbourhood.
  • Open the My bpost app and make sure that Bluetooth and location features are enabled on your smartphone.
  • Click 'Send' at the bottom of the app and then on 'Add a shipment'.
  • Follow the steps to select the Parcel Locker and an appropriate locker.
  • Place your parcel in the locker and close the door.
The postman will empty the lockers every working day. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail (be sure to check your junk mail). You can easily follow your parcel via the My bpost app or Track & Trace.
Where can I hand in my parcel?
 You can hand in your parcel in different places:
  • In a Post Office – in some offices you'll find special Parcel Boxes.
  • In a Parcel Point
  • In a Parcel Locker
  • For a fee you can have it picked up at your home.
  • In a MassPost Center (for more than 20 parcels per day)
If I want to hand in a parcel, where do I find the bpost Post Points and their opening hours?
You find the different locations for handing in your parcel and their opening hours:
  • On the bpost website
  • In the online shipping tool bpost
Post Points are open longer on some days.
Will I find everything that I need to send my parcel in a Post Office or Post Point?
In a Post Office, Post Point, Parcel Point and in our eShop, you'll find everything that you need to send your parcel:
  • Materials to protect the contents of your parcel
  • Packaging
  • shipping labels
Also handy: you'll find pre-stamped boxes in our eShop.
Can I drop off my parcel in a Parcel Locker 24/7?
You can drop off your parcel in many Parcel Lockers 24/7. Some Post Offices also have a Parcel Box that is accessible around the clock. You can check the opening hours of all Parcel Lockers and Parcel Boxes via the link below.
How does the Parcel Box work and where can I find one?
  You'll find Parcel Boxes in many Post Offices. It makes handing in your parcel faster and easier. Parcel Boxes are in the Post Office or in an area that is open 24/7. Some Parcel Boxes have a scanner. Your parcel is scanned when you hand it in. If the Parcel Box doesn't have a scanner, you don't have a Shipping Receipt.
Can bpost pick up my parcel or do I always have to go to a Post Office or Post Point to send it?
You can have your parcel picked up at your home on payment or you bring it to a Post Office or Post Point. Create your shipping label online in advance. Or purchase shipping labels or a pre-stamped box via our eShop.
Can I give my prepared parcel to the postman?
For practical reasons it's not possible to give your parcel to the postman.
Can I leave my parcel in a safe place for the postman?
For practical reasons, you cannot leave your parcel behind for the postman or give it to him. Hand in your parcel at:
  • one of our Post Offices or Post Points
  • one of our Parcel Lockers
  • one of our Parcel Boxes
Or have it picked up at your home or work address (payable option).
Can someone in the Post Office or Post Point help me with my international shipment?
Our employees will gladly help you send your parcel abroad. In bpost Post Offices and Post Points you'll find a suitable box and filler material to protect your contents, and you can purchase the shipping label. Our employees will make sure that your parcel is not too big or too heavy.