What can't I send

The current postal legislation forbids the sending of letters or parcels, both within Belgium or abroad, with the following contents:

1. Dangerous goods:

Dangerous objects are objects that, due to their shape, nature or packaging, can be dangerous for people or can damage other shipments, the equipment of bpost, or the goods of third-parties (including parcels). Some daily objects also cannot be sent with the post. These include lighters, perfume, manicure products, glue, paint, flammable liquids, spray cans, deodorants under pressure, hair dye and lithium batteries.

There is a specific exception for lithium batteries. Read all about it in this overview. It also includes an overview of all dangerous goods.

2. Prohibited items:

  • Drugs, narcotics and psychotropic substances
  • Weapons, essential parts of weapons and ammunition, imitation firearms, knives, swords, daggers and any other sharp or cutting object
  • Objects, texts or general substances of which the import, export, production, circulation, distribution, use, possession, sale or transport are forbidden by law
  • Objects that include statements that contravene public order or common decency 
  • Shipments that mention forbidden destinations or contain forbidden goods according to commercial law
  • Shipments that contain counterfeit goods
  • Coins, banknotes and bearer bonds (exception: personal cheques with a maximum value of €500 per parcel and a basic guarantee)
  • Jewellery (exception: costume jewellery that does not contain gold, silver or gemstones, is not worth more than €500 per parcel and has a basic guarantee), works of art and collections or other valuable materials, including animal pelts
  • Parcels whose value is more than €5,000 

Some countries impose additional restrictions. Check the exceptions for China, Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Portugal, Luxembourg, Spain and Switzerland.

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