Send a parcel to Russia

Send a parcel to Russia

Send a parcel to Russia

Send parcels to Russia in every Post Office or Post Point. Create your shipping label online and save time.

Want to save time? Create and pay for your shipping label online.

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    • Create your shipping label immediately online
    • Delivery to an address
    • Up to 30 kg


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    • Delivery to an address
    • Up to 2 kg
    • No Track & Trace available


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    • Delivery to an address
    • Up to 30 kg
    • Follow your parcel with Track & Trace


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    • Delivery to an address
    • Up to 30 kg
    • Confirmation of receipt with date of delivery and signature of receiver
    • Follow your parcel with Track & Trace


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    *Delivery times are indicative

    Calculate the price for shipping your parcel to Russia

    Pack items in a strong, well-sealed box.

    If you printed the shipping label, stick it on the outside of the box.

    Do you need a box?

    You'll find boxes in various dimensions in the eShop or in the nearest Post Office or Post Point.

    • Complete the CN23 section / document and attach a copy (customs documents):
      • These fields must be completed on this document:
        • Sender
        • Addressee
        • HS code: Customs worldwide use the uniform HS code (Harmonized System) to identify goods. To find out which code you should use, please consult FPS Finance.
        • Country of origin
        • Shipment details
    • Always include two copies of the invoice or the pro forma invoice.
    • For shipments with a value of more than €1,000 you should also add the Single Administrative Document.

    These items are prohibited in every international shipment:

    • dangerous substances, chemicals, explosives, flammable, radioactive, biological and/or infectious substances, food and plant products
    • drugs, narcotics ands psychotropic substances
    • weapons, knives, daggers and other pointed, sharp or cutting objects
    • living animals or parasites
    • objects that are visibaly contrary to common decency or public order
    • objects, texts or substances of which the import, export, circulation, distribution, use and posession are generally forbidden by law
    • objects that, due to their shape, nature or packaging, can be dangerous for people or other shipments, or that can damage or taint postal equipment or the property of third parties
    • bearer bonds, coins, banknotes, jewellery (expect costume jewellery under €500), valuable materials (unless they are sent in a sealed envelope with a valuation declaration - they can be sent as international registered mail with the declared value, but only if the destination country also offers this service)
    • object that fall under the penal code or under penal provisions that are a breach of special laws
    • gases under pressure, toxic or corrosive substances, organic fuels and peroxides

    These items are prohibited in shipments to Russia:

    • live animals with the exception of bees, leeches and silkworms sent with an attestation from the veterinarian
    • reproduction devices (except typewriters)
    • wax
    • perishable goods
    • dangerous and toxic substances
    • objects upon which customs duties are levied
    • documents, printed matter, photos, films, graphic images, drawings, etc. that can damage Belarus on a political or economic level
    • undeveloped films
    • printed matter and audio visual works
    • monetary instruments from Russia (Russian Federation) and foreign currency
    • honey and honeycombs
    • counterfeit goods or illegally copied goods
    • offensive or immoral objects
    • raw eggs
    • pathogenic and facultative pathogenic organisms
    • supplies for fishing living aquatic resources
    • products of animal origin like meat, edible offal and offal preparations, poultry and animal feed
    • all grades of gemstones and natural diamonds, with the exception of jewellery
    • all species of plants, no matter their state, and seeds
    • alcoholic products, ethyl alcohol, beer; narcotics, psychotropic substances and their precursors
    • substances that damage the ozone layer
    • all tobacco products and smoking mixtures.

    You can ship parcels to Russia in every Post Office or Post Point.

    Find the nearest Post Office or Post Point.