I disagree with the import costs. What can I do?

Paying import costs is a legal obligation when you order something from outside the EU. In addition to paying, you have the following options:

I agree to pay but disagree with the amount

The calculated import costs are based on the estimated value of the contents (based on the invoice), the official VAT rates and the customs duties applicable on the goods being shipped. If you can prove that the value was not estimated correctly, you can request a recalculation.

In some cases, shipments are exempt from VAT and customs duties. You can request a recalculation in the following cases:

  • shipments sent as a gift
  • a diplomat receives a shipment
  • a shipment is reimported

Enter the barcode of your shipment into Track & Trace or the My bpost app. You will find the dispute form above the payment button.

Once we receive your request, the payment deadline will be cancelled. Your request will be reviewed and either accepted or declined. You will be able to see the result in Track & Trace and in the My bpost app, and you will receive a new payment request with a payment deadline.

If the shipment can be imported free of charge, you will be notified. The shipment is then presented to Belgian customs for clearance.

I refuse to pay the import costs

If you refuse to pay the import costs, we will not be able to deliver your shipment and it will be returned to sender. You can contact the sender to see if the purchase value can be fully or partially refunded to you. You can refuse to pay online. To do so, enter the barcode of your shipment via Track & Trace or the My bpost app. You will find the 'refuse' button next to the payment button.

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