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How much time does my addressee have to pick up the money?
Your addressee has 40 days to pick up your money. After 40 days you will receive a text message from Ria with a new PIN code so that you can pick up the money.
Can I transfer money anonymously with Ria?
You cannot transfer money anonymously with Ria Money Transfer. You must prove your identity with a valid identity document for every money transfer.
Which details do I need to send money with Ria?
The details that you must give the counter clerk at your Post Office or Ria agency:
  • the first and last name of your addressee
  • the country where your addressee lives or is staying
  • depending on the country: the Ria agency where your addressee will pick up the money
  • your mobile phone number
You pay the amount in cash or with Bancontact.
Are there minimum and maximum amounts?
You only have to take maximum amounts into account. The counter clerk in your Post Office will tell you those amounts.
Can a minor send money?
You can only send money with Ria Money Transfer if you are an adult.
Do I have to prove why I am sending money?
The counter clerk in your Post Office will ask why you are sending money.
Can I send money even if I don't live in Belgium? Are there other requirements?
You can send money from all 161 countries where Ria Money Transfer is active. In all those countries you only need a valid identity document. You'll find a list of countries that you can send money to in your Post Office or Ria agency.
Are there limits to the amount of money you can send per country?
Every country places a limit on money transfers. The amount of money that you can send depends on the limit. The counter clerk in your Post Office will give you more information about the limits in the country where you want to send money.
What are the fees as a sender and a recipient?
The fees that you pay as a sender depend on the amount of money that you are sending. The higher the amount, the higher the delivery fees. The recipient does not have to pay anything.
A bank transfer outside Europe costs money. Are there cheaper ways?
You can also transfer money to your addressee's bank account. An international bank transfer takes longer than a money transfer with Ria Money Transfer. Depending on the time difference in the destination country and the opening hours of the Ria agency, your addressee can pick up the money a few minutes later with Ria Money Transfer.
Can I choose the currency?
Depending on the receiving country, you can choose between euros and the local currency. The counter clerk in your Post Office will tell you which currencies Ria accepts in the destination country.
I send euros, the recipient wants dollars. Will that be converted? Are there conversion costs?
The amount that you send is converted using the exchange rates applicable at that moment. The conversion is deducted from the amount that your addressee receives. You can also ask how many euros you must pay to have a certain amount arrive in dollars.
Which details do I need to identify the addressee?
You only have to indicate the first and last name of the addressee. The addressee must identify himself or herself with an identity document. Learn more.
Can I send money on behalf of someone else?
You can never send money on behalf of someone else. If you do, you risk being prosecuted.
Can I send money with Ria without an ID card?
For a money transfer with Ria Money Transfer, you always need a valid identity document to identify yourself as the sender. In Belgium, that is your ID card. Ria also accepts your Belgian ID card in all countries of the European Union, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland. Other documents are not required. If you want to send money from other countries, you need a passport. If your ID card is lost or stolen, you can send money with an official proof of loss issued by the police. Please note: in that case you must already be a Ria customer. If you don't have a Belgian ID card, you can also send money with your passport, residence card or attestation of registration (provisional residence document).