Who can pick up my shipment at the Pick-up point?

Who can pick up your shipment depends on the type of shipment.

My shipment is a parcel

Anyone can pick up your parcel from a Pick-up Point or Parcel Locker as long as that person has the barcode of your parcel. You can find the barcode in the confirmation email, the My bpost app or on the notice of absence you received in your letterbox.

My shipment is registered mail

You can recognise registered mail by the barcode starting with the numbers ‘010’ or the letter ‘R’. 

Only the specified recipient can pick up registered mail upon presentation of their ID card and the barcode. You can also give a postal mandate to someone else by signing the notice of absence and giving it to the person who will pick up your shipment. More information about giving a postal mandate to pick up registered mail.

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