What is the safest way to send my parcel back?

You can also choose an additional guarantee and signature. This protects you against damage or loss up to €500. Or you can choose a receipt if you want to receive a message as soon as your parcel has been delivered.

Guarantee and signature

With this additional guarantee your parcel is protected against damage and loss, and the postman asks the recipient to sign for receipt.

Proof of Delivery

You get a text message or e-mail regarding the status of your parcel:

  • When the parcel is delivered.
  • When the parcel is not delivered because the addressee was not present. In that case, it is delivered to the nearest Post Office or Post Point.
  • When the addressee has not collected it from the Post Office or Post Point.

You can easily create your shipping label online. Print it out and bring your parcel with the label on it to a Drop-off point or give it to the postman.

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