How do I make my registered mail with customised insurance ready for mailing?

Specific rules apply depending on the value and packaging. Mail in an envelope Make sure that your envelope does not become damaged. Fasten the following items to the inside of the package:

  • coins
  • gold or silver objects
  • jewellery or other valuable materials

Registered mail with customised Iisurance exceeding €250 should be prepared carefully. Make sure that the shipment:

  • is packaged securely and is one single piece 
  • is completely closed (with strong tape or in a secure envelope) 
  • is correctly sealed, with a special uniform imprint or special uniform markings from you as the sender
  • is handed in without a label

Registered mail with customised insurance up to €250 can be sent in a regular, closed packaged (without tape or stamps).

Mail in a box

Strict rules apply to mail in a box. The box itself must satisfy several conditions and a number of details are required on the box. The box must:

  • be strong and made from wood, metal or plastic
  • be sealed on all four sides
  • if necessary, be tied up with rope whose ends are crossed and covered with a wax seal with an imprint or marking of the sender
  • have walls with a minimum thickness of 8 mm

Required details on the shipment:

  • the word "Value" in a language of the destination country in Latin characters
  • the name and address:
  • - of the addressee (on the front, lower-right corner)
  • - of the sender (on the front, upper-left corner or on the back)
  • the stamps (on the front , upper-right corner)
  • a barcode for identification (given by the Post Office)  
  • the amount of the value: - written in full - in EUROS
  • On the top you must attach a white paper with:
  • - the address of the sender and the addressee
  • - the declaration of the value

You can always get assistance in a Post Office; we will gladly help you make your registered mail with customised insurance ready for mailing.

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