Delay parcels from United Kingdom and Germany
Due to IT-problems at our partner Royal mail and strikes at Deutsche Post, we expect delays in the delivery of letters and parcels from Germany and United Kingdom to Belgium As soon as the parcel arrives in Belgium, the status of your parcel will be updated. Unfortunately, our customer service cannot provide you with further information.


How can someone else collect my parcel from a Parcel Locker?

You can easily ask someone else to pick up your parcel. The process depends on the type of Parcel Locker your parcel has been delivered to.

In a Parcel Locker with screen

If you have received a parcel in a Parcel Locker with a screen, you will receive an e-mail containing:

  • the barcode of your parcel
  • a QR code
  • a code of 6 digits and/or numbers (just below the QR code).

With one of these three elements, someone else can pick up your parcel from a Parcel Locker. You can simply forward the e-mail you have received to the person who would like to pick up your parcel for you.

In a Screenless Parcel Locker

If your parcel has been delivered to a Screenless Parcel Locker, you need to send the barcode of your parcel to the person who would like to collect your parcel for you (you will find the barcode in the e-mail announcing that your parcel is available).
The person who picks up your parcel for you then needs to add it to the My bpost app. He can do so by clicking on the "add a parcel" button on the My bpost app start screen and by entering the barcode number. The person then needs to carry out the following steps:

  1. Go to the Parcel Locker and enable Bluetooth and location on your smartphone
    2. Open the My bpost app and select the parcel you would like to receive
    3. Follow the steps in the app to connect to the Parcel Locker
    4. Take out the parcel and close the door.

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