Do I need proof that my return is sent if I want the money from my purchase back?

The original sender of your parcel determines whether you must be able to present a proof of shipment to get the money from your purchase back.

The barcode on the label is scanned in the Post Office or Post Point to send the parcel, or the postman taking your parcel scans the label for shipment. The original sender sees when the parcel is scanned in our Track & Trace tool. You can always take a screenshot of the Track & Trace tool or the My bpost app and e-mail it as proof.

If you purchase a shipping label in a Post Office or Post Point, then you can request a Shipping Receipt and mail a copy to the original sender.

You can request a confirmation of receipt via text message or e-mail either online or in your Post Office or Post Point with the 'confirmation of receipt' option. As soon as your return shipment is delivered or picked up at a Pick-up point, you will receive an e-mail or text message.

If none of this is sufficient for the sender as proof, please contact our customer service.

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