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Why can some My bpost app users see which mail they will receive?
Some app users can indeed see their mail in advance with My Mail. This functionality is still in the testing phase and is not available to everyone. As a test person you will receive an invitation to use My Mail. Tip: Update the My bpost app regularly in order to enjoy all its functionalities.
Which parcels can I follow with the My bpost app and how do I add them?
You can follow all your parcels with the My bpost app. Also those from other postal services. bpost parcels linked to your email addresses in the My bpost app are added automatically. It is easy to add other parcels in the app:
  • Click on ‘add a shipment’ on the app start screen
  • Enter the parcel's barcode number or scan the barcode with the app.
  • Select the postal service from the list. If your postal service is not in the list, send us a message via the app. We will add it to the current list.
  • Enter the postcode of the delivery address.
The My bpost app doesn't recognise my parcel. What do I do now?
Sometimes we only receive the barcode from the sender at a later moment in time. As a result, you cannot follow your parcel. In that case, try again later. Double check that you entered the correct barcode and postcode. Be sure to select the correct postal service from the list. If you don't know the name of the postal service, select 'I don't know'. If you know the name of the postal service but it's not in our list, send us a message via the app. We will add it to the current list.
I am expecting a 'payment upon delivery' parcel, can I pay for this in advance?
No, that is not possible at the moment. You can pay for your parcel as follows:
  • with exact change
  • with the Payconiq by Bancontact app or your banking app that offers the Payconiq by Bancontact functionality
  • with your debit or credit card (only possible in a Post Office, Post Point or Parcel Point)
Parcels from outside the European Union with import costs can be paid in advance via the My bpost app as from 7 June 2021. You will receive a notification for these parcels in your app.
I see parcels in the My bpost app that are not intended for me. Why is this?
It is possible that a sender added an incorrect (and coincidentally your) email address to a shipment. Be sure to check that your email address is spelled correctly in the 'My email addresses' menu. (You will find 'My email addresses' in the 'More' menu at the bottom of the app).