How do I arrange a return outside Belgium? Do I have to pay customs fees?

ou only need to attach a shipping label on a parcel that you return to a country within the EU. For a parcel that you return to a country outside the EU, you must also provide customs documents.

If the original sender doesn't provide a return label, then you can purchase a shipping label via our website, in our eShop or in a Post Office, Post Point or Parcel Point.

You do not have to pay any customs fees. Only the receiver of your parcel must pay customs fees, and only for return shipments outside the EU. Contact the original sender to see if he/she offers return options whereby he/she doesn't have to pay customs fees.

If he/she does not have such an option, then he/she pays the customs fees that are applicable in his/her country.

The customs documents for a return shipment to a country outside the EU:

  • The CN23 part of the shipping label or a CN23 document. That indicates what is in your parcel. You attach the label on the box.
  • The original invoice or pro forma invoice and 3 copies.
  • If the shipment is worth more than €1000, then you must also attach a Single Administrative Document.

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