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What is My Mail?
My Mail in the My bpost app allows you to see your digital letterbox where and when you want to. You will see an image of the outside of most postal items that you will receive in your letterbox that day. This functionality is in test phase and not yet available to everyone. (As a test user, you will receive an e-mail to invite you to use My Mail.)
How can I change the address for My Mail?
You can change your address under 'My addresses' in the 'More' menu. When you do this, an activation code is sent to the new address. The other address is deactivated automatically. As a result, you will no longer see the mail that you receive at that other address.
Why can some My bpost app users see which mail they will receive?
Some app users can indeed see their mail in advance with My Mail. This functionality is still in the testing phase and is not available to everyone. As a test person you will receive an invitation to use My Mail. Tip: Update the My bpost app regularly in order to enjoy all its functionalities.
How can I deactivate or reactivate My Mail in the My bpost app?
You can deactivate My Mail under 'My Mail' in the 'More' menu. If desired, you can reactivate My Mail in the same way. You do not need a new activation code.
Which mail can I see with 'My Mail'?
My Mail shows you all your mail that is processed with our sorting machines. You can see all your postal items except:
  • Parcels
  • Some mail bearing no address (requested by the sender)
  • Mail that is delivered by other postal services
  • Mail that is sorted by hand by our employees (not with a machine)
  • Mail that weighs more than 350 grams
  • Mail that was sorted by the sender (e.g. some advertising folders)
Why must I enter an activation code?
Before you can use My Mail, you must confirm to bpost that you live at the address for which you are requesting My Mail. That's why we send an activation code to your address. This code must be entered into the app. That way your letterbox will be linked to your account. If you choose an address that is already validated by the “MyPreferences” service then you can use My Mail if you already entered the activation code.
Why can I see someone else's mail with My Mail and how can I report this?
You might possibly see someone else's mail in the following cases:
  • If a sender accidentally sends mail to your address.
  • If a sorting machine accidentally interprets a different address as your address.
Please report this with the 'Report' button under the relevant mail. If you repeatedly see the wrong mail, send an email to mymail@bpost.be.
I didn't receive the activation code. What do I do now?
Take into account that it takes about 4 workdays before your activation code appears in your letterbox. If you still have not received the activation code, you can request a new one. In that case, the old code will be deactivated.
How can I switch the My Mail notifications on and off on my smartphone?
You can switch the My Mail notifications on and off under "Notifications and Settings" in the 'More' menu. You will no longer receive My Mail notifications on your smartphone. You will still receive your mail digitally in the My bpost app.
Why can I see mail with My Mail that still is not in my letterbox?
My Mail shows you all your mail that is processed with our sorting machines at night. The route that your mail travels from the sorting and distribution centres to your letterbox can take a bit longer sometimes. In that case, you will receive the mail that you can already see in the app on the next postal delivery.
Who can see my mail with My Mail in the My bpost app?
Everyone who lives at the same address and has access to your letterbox can see your mail. Those who want to use My Mail must confirm their address first. We send an activation code to this address by mail. That way, only those who have access to your letterbox can see your mail with My Mail. It's not possible to only see mail that is addressed to one specific person who lives at your address.
Can I refuse or return mail in advance with My Mail?
That is currently not possible in the My bpost app. You can only see mail that is being delivered by bpost with My Mail.
Can I link several addresses to My Mail?
You can link My Mail to several addresses. You will receive an activation code per address. In the My bpost app, you can easily switch from one address to another with 'My addresses and services'.
Why can't I enter a company address with My Mail?
We want to avoid that an employee can see all mail that is addressed to the company where he/she works but is intended for different addressees.