I received a letter that was already opened. How is that possible?

In principle, bpost does not open letters. There are a number of reasons why we do open letters (read the General Terms and Conditions):

  • We cannot deliver the letter to the addressee and there is no return address on the envelope. We open the letter to identify the sender. That enables us to return the letter.
  • Our sorting machines damage the envelope. That happens occasionally to thick letters. In that case, the sender should choose a reinforced envelope or a parcel.

If the sender wants to send an important letter, we advise him/her to use Registered Mail. The addressee must sign for receipt. The sender can also choose a proof of receipt via text message or email. The sender can also insure the contents of the letter. Note: sending money is forbidden.

If you still think that your letter was wrongfully damaged, you can report this via the online form at the bottom of this page. Please note: only the sender can receive compensation for damaged mail. Read the General Terms and Conditions.

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