Together strong in sustainable deliveries

Sustainability is an essential part of e-commerce. Together with our partners, we strive for less CO₂, a sustainable working environment for our employees, and a society that can connect in a changing world. It is up to bpost and our partners to offer sustainable solutions so that you, the consumer, can make the right decision.

    Our sustainability approach in figures

    100% emissions-free

    Last-mile deliveries of mail and parcels will be 100% emissions-free in 2030.

    500 starters a year

    Each year, we help 500 school-leavers get a job. An extra boost towards an inclusive society.

    +100 charities

    Last year, more than 100 charities were financially supported by our employees.

    Our pillars of sustainability


    Increasing our planet’s quality of life

    Yes, mail and parcel deliveries have an impact on society and the environment. We are conscious of this. But, with concrete initiatives and ambitions, we’re doing all we can to reduce our carbon footprint and completely neutralise it by 2040. By as soon as 2030 we’re aiming for:

    • 55% lower CO2 emissions (compared to 2019)
    • 100% emissions-free last-mile deliveries
    • More than 4,000 Pick-up points

    Investing in human capital

    The right people with the right drive in the right place. From technical operators at sorting offices to postal operatives in the street; and from IT employees to management outlining strategy. Each and every employee is able to develop and work on their own sustainable deployability with a range of tools at their disposal, including development programmes, training and support. That way, we strive for an inclusive working environment in which health, safety and well-being stand central. Always with respect for working time, and at a fair wage.


    Close to people and society

    As a mail and parcel delivery organisation, we connect people and society on a daily basis. Our staff and services are therefore never far away. You can always find a Post Office, Post Point, Parcel Point, Parcel Locker or Red Mailbox near to you. Being so close to hand allows us to offer innovative solutions or initiatives that have a positive impact on society. Examples include the free postcard promotions from Mobile Postcard and the direct help you get for your online store at Elke zaak online.