My delivery address is wrong in Track & Trace. What should I do?

The address listed in Track & Trace or the My bpost app is based on the address provided by the sender to bpost.

The address is wrong or incomplete

If you notice that the delivery address is wrong or incomplete, you can still modify it in the My bpost app or in Track & Trace. Provided that:

  • Your parcel has not yet arrived at our sorting centre.
  • Both the correct and incorrect address share the same postal code.
  • The delivery address is not a Pick-up point.
  • Your parcel is sent from Belgium.

Tip: always check that your address details are up to date when ordering from an online store.

I cannot change the delivery address (anymore)

Don't worry, when your shipment is en route for delivery, our postmen are asked to compare the address with the one printed on the shipping label.

If we cannot find the address or match it, we will return your shipment to the sender. You will be notified of this in Track & Trace and the My bpost app. In this case, contact the sender to determine what steps should be taken.

My shipment comes from outside the EU

If you see a wrong address during the import procedure and receive an invitation to pay the import costs, it is best to refuse the shipment. This is because we cannot guarantee that the shipment will be delivered correctly and you cannot get a refund for the import costs.

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