Towards greener e-commerce for a better planet

Together towards greener parcels


Together towards greener parcels

Ensuring a better environment is best done together. You opt for eco-friendly delivery; bpost reduces emissions from shipments and makes sustainable packaging. This is how we work towards greener parcels together.

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    This is how bpost leads the way in sustainability

    This is how you, as a consumer, can help

    This is how online shops contribute

    Win customers with sustainable shipping and packaging

    Offer different delivery options

    Missed deliveries not only cause frustration but extra kilometres are also driven, which means more CO2 emissions. A successful home delivery also has an additional CO2 impact. Prevent this by offering different delivery options. This way, your customers can choose where they can receive your parcel: in a Pick-up Point or Parcel Locker, in your own physical shop or, if they prefer, at home. The result? A satisfied customer who receives his order on time.

      pickup point

      Highlight Pick-up Points

      Encourage your customers to choose a Pick-up Point or Parcel Locker at the checkout of your webshop. Tick this delivery option by default for your customers for example. Make it clear to them that they are helping to reduce CO2 emissions and show where they can pick up their parcel in their neighbourhood. You can also make home delivery less attractive by charging an extra fee.

        Encourage sustainable packaging

        First of all, choose the right packaging size. Avoid boxes that are too large and crammed with padding material. The smaller your parcels, the more we can transport in one go. This allows us to save CO2 once again. Your customers and the environment will thank you. Choose recyclable or reusable packaging and show your green efforts. A sustainability label on your packaging, like on our Fashion Bag, gives your brand experience an extra boost.


          Minimise returns

          A clear product description, size charts, detailed photos, reviews ... The more tangible your product, the less likely it is to be returned. That way, you will limit double CO2 emissions to a minimum. Do you still have returns? Then find out what the reason is so that you can do something about it.

            Ensure you use the right data for your advertising

            Segment smartly and send direct e-mails only to people who are really interested in what you have to offer. This will immediately save on postage.

              Ensure you use the right data for your advertising
              Print your paper mailings sustainably

              Print your paper mailings sustainably

              Go for FSC-labelled paper and try to avoid chlorine-bleached paper. In addition, print on both sides of the sheet. Do that, and your communication costs will immediately go down, and your impact on the environment will be lower too.

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