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Registered mail

Registered mail

Extra safe way to send important mail

  • Legal value
  • Sent today, delivered tomorrow
  • Easy to follow online
Find nearest point of sale

An employee will help you prepare your registered mail

Send registered mail in 4 steps

Go to the nearest Post Office or Post Point

You can send registered mail in every Post Office or Post Point.

Choose a registered mail formula

Standard, with confirmation of receipt for absolute certainty, or with customised insurance for valuable mail.

Prepare your registered mail

An employee will help you with this. Be sure to keep the stamped proof of deposit afterwards.

Follow your Registered Mail

You can follow it on Track&Trace using the barcode on your mailing receipt.

Which registered mail do I need?


  • For important mail
  • Basic insurance
  • Mailing receipt with legal value



With confirmation of receipt

  • Confirmation of receipt with date of delivery and signature of receiver
  • Basic insurance
  • Mailing receipt with legal value



With customised insurance

  • For valuable mail
  • Mailing receipt with legal value



Calculate the price of your registered mail

Perhaps you still have one of these questions

bpost does all it can to deliver registered mail on the next workday. If you notice with Track & Trace that your registered mail is in transit for longer, please let us know via our online customer care.

When delivering registered mail and parcels, our postmen are required to ring the doorbell and wait a minimal time. Unfortunately, you might find a failed delivery notice in your letterbox even though you were home. You can file a complaint about this. Keep your failed delivery notice handy because you will need it to compete the form.

If the addressee is not home, a failed delivery notice is left behind by the postman. The addressee has 15 calendar days to pick up your registered mail with confirmation of receipt (in the Post Office or Post Point mentioned on the failed delivery notice).

If the addressee does not pick up your mail within 15 calendar days, it will be sent back to you. Make sure that your name and address are clearly written on your shipment.

Contact bpost and keep your mailing receipt ready. We start an investigation in collaboration with the foreign post operator that handled your shipment.

For a confirmation of receipt, the addressee must write his/her name, signature and date on a document upon receipt of your registered mail. That way you are sure that the addressee, and not someone else, received your shipment. The document is then sent to you. It counts as legally valid proof in the event of a dispute.

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