Receiving a parcel in a Pick-up point

Receiving a parcel in a Pick-up point

Now you no longer need to wait at home for a parcel delivery.
Have it delivered to your preferred Pick-up point.

Pick up your parcels when it suits you

  • Always close by
  • Flexible opening times
  • Environmentally friendly option

How to have your parcel delivered to your preferred Pick-up point

In your bpost delivery preferences

“Straight to a pick-up point” is always a good choice.

  1. Open the My bpost app or go to
  2. In your delivery preferences select the pick-up point you want your parcel to be delivered to
  3. Pick up your parcels when it suits you

Set your delivery preferences
Download the My bpost app

You bought something second hand?

Ask the sender to send your parcel directly to a Pick-up Point in your neighbourhood.

At the checkout in an online store

  1. Select a pick-up point as delivery method at the checkout
  2. Select where you want to pick up your parcel
  3. Pick up your parcel when it suits you

Why choose delivery to a Pick-up point?

Never far

Never far

There are more than 3000 Pick-up points in Belgium, so you’ll always find one close by. So you can just swing by on your way to and from somewhere else.

Flexible opening hours

Flexible opening hours

You can collect your parcel from a pick-up point when it suits you. And many parcel lockers are open 24/7.

Ecological option

Ecological option

On average, carbon emissions associated with deliveries to Pick-up points and Parcel Lockers are 30% lower. That rises to 90% when you pick up your parcel on foot or by bike.


Did you know…

that by having your parcel delivered to a Pick-up point, you help reduce the CO2 emissions of your parcel by up to 30%?

Download the My bpost app

Manage all your parcels in one convenient app:

  • Track all your parcels, even those delivered by other companies
  • Set your delivery preferences
  • Decide which parcels you want status updates for
  • Pay customs duties for deliveries from outside the EU securely
my bpost app

Perhaps you still have one of these questions

For logistical reasons, you can only choose Pick-up points that are in the same distribution zone as the delivery address. That way our mail distribution is as efficient as possible.

Your parcel remains available at a Pick-up point for 14 calendar days and at a Parcel Locker for 5 calendar days. After that it will be sent back to the sender.

Who can pick up your shipment depends on the type of shipment.

My shipment is a parcel

Anyone can pick up your parcel from a Pick-up Point or Parcel Locker as long as that person has the barcode of your parcel. You can find the barcode in the confirmation email, the My bpost app or on the notice of absence you received in your letterbox.

My shipment is registered mail

You can recognise registered mail by the barcode starting with the numbers ‘010’ or the letter ‘R’. 

Only the specified recipient can pick up registered mail upon presentation of their ID card and the barcode. You can also give a postal mandate to someone else by signing the notice of absence and giving it to the person who will pick up your shipment. More information about giving a postal mandate to pick up registered mail.

A shipment that requires payment upon delivery can be paid for in two ways at a Pick-up point: cash and with debit or credit card.

No, regrettably that is not possible. Change your delivery preferences if you want your parcels to be brought to a different Pick-up point in your neighbourhood in the future, if you are not home.

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