My parcel was not delivered according to my delivery preferences. What should I do?

There are several reasons why your parcel was not delivered according to your preference.

  1. Your profile is not yet complete.

    Your delivery preferences are linked to the email address you entered in your ‘MyPreferences’ account or the My bpost app. Perhaps the parcel was ordered with a different email address than the one entered in MyPreferences.

    Tip: Check your profile in MyPreferences

    • A green “V” appears next to your address if your account is validated (10 days after creation).
    • Make sure your address is correct.
    • Add the names you use to order parcels.
    • Add all email addresses you use to order parcels.


  2. No email address received from sender

    It is also possible that the sender did not provide us with your email address. Unless you have not agreed to this, we will link your delivery preference to the name or address on your parcel (as of 10 days after the account was created). They must be identical to your name and the address in your account.


  3. The type of parcel prevented us from delivering according to your delivery preference

    • Delivery to your safe place and your neighbour is not possible for:
      • Parcels with payment upon delivery (e.g. a number plate).
      • Parcels sent as registered mail. We can only deliver these on presentation of your ID card. You can recognise such parcels by the barcode that starts with an ‘R’.
      • Parcels sent under guarantee or with insurance cannot be delivered to a safe place.
    • Delivery to a Parcel Locker is not possible: If the parcel is too large or too heavy. In that case, it will be sent to a different Pick-up Point.
    • Your parcel fits in your letterbox: The postman always tries to deliver your parcel into your letterbox first, even in the case of direct delivery to a Pick-up Point.

    Tip: Check Track & Trace to see if the delivery preferences apply to your parcel.


  4. The postman could not perform the delivery preference

    • Your safe place was not safe enough, not accessible and/or not dry enough.
    • The postman was unable to deliver your parcel to a neighbour because they were not at home or refused to accept it.
    • Your Pick-up Point or Parcel Locker was temporarily unavailable when we delivered your parcel. For example, because the Parcel Locker was full or the Post Point was closed for annual leave.

Tip: have you noticed this happening on a regular basis? Then modify your delivery preferences. 

If you think there is another reason, you can report it via our online form at the bottom of this page.

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