My parcel has been in transit for longer than expected. What should I do?

If the status of your parcel does not change for several workdays, something probably went wrong. Please be aware that unforeseen circumstances may cause the delivery of your parcel to be delayed. Please contact the sender in the following cases:

  • If the status of your parcel sent within Belgium has not changed for several consecutive workdays.
  • If the status of your parcel to or from a neighbouring country has not changed for at least 5 workdays.
  • If your parcel to or from another country has not changed for at least 10 workdays.

Why do I have to contact the sender?

Only the sender of your parcel can submit a complaint about a parcel that is not delivered. The sender will look for a solution together with bpost.

If you are the sender, please contact our customer service via the online form at the bottom of this page. This way you can immediately provide all the necessary information and documents to process your file.

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Online form

Report your undelivered shipment using our form. Please keep the barcode and postcode of the recipient on hand.