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20 avril 2021 - 7 Minutes Temps de lecture


Mömax is a furniture and household goods store in Austria and Germany. They noticed from the data that they had a number of people signed up as members of the Mömax Bonus Club, who lived at the same address but who had different names. Surely these were couples for whom one day the wedding bells would ring?  


Mömax launched a new service: your own personal wedding list on the Mömax homepage. The task was to let Bonus Club members know about this in an impactful way but with a limited budget. Customers who had been identified as probably living together were mailed a jewellery box. Inside, what they saw first was an engagement ring. When they tried to take it out, they saw the ring was actually the handle of a specially-made coffee mug. On the mug was the message informing the couple about the wedding list.



The response rates were 30% higher than expected. Even more startling was the request from one couple to be married actually inside the Mömax store.    

When you know exactly who you are talking to you know exactly how.

If you know you’re talking to couples, who are living together then you know you can have a bit of fun with them like this. It’s not just relevant and, quite possibly, timely, this idea is also likely to be very cost-efficient. You may well be talking to fewer people than you would with a TV campaign, but you have a much greater likelihood that they will be interested in what you have to say.

Accurate targeting plus an engaging idea equals great results.