Boost your campaigns with lead generation and look-alike audiences

Generate hot leads

Generate hot leads

Boost your campaigns with lead generation and look-alike audiences

  • Easy to find look-alike clients via data targeting
  • Aim at client profiles in the best represented regions
  • Simple to adjust campaigns for greater efficiency

Ready to reach a higher level with your prospecting campaigns? Enrich your campaigns with valuable data insights into different target-group profiles via our SelectPost database. Thanks to profiling data from more than 1.5 million families, you no longer need to worry about how to improve your reach. At the same time, you’ll discover comparable target groups and make smart use of look-alike audiences for extra client acquisition.

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Reach your target group with more accuracy

By combining your client insights and files with our expanded database, you’ll have access to valuable socio-demographic data, lifestyle information and purchasing intentions. Use it to improve your client profiles for prospecting and, in no time at all, to identify look-alike audiences for future door-to-door campaigns.

It’s easy to target specific regions and neighbourhoods in which your client profile has the strongest presence. Or to use Direct Mail to aim at prospects who match up with your ideal client profile. You reach the right target group, in the right place, at the right time.

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    Bring your consumers out of the shadows

    With a detailed analysis of your Direct Mail campaigns, we perform insights discovery tasks to determine the profile of consumers who made the move to purchasing. By aiming specifically at this target group in the future, you’ll maximise your successes.

      Discover your actual advertising impact

      Wondering how to fine-tune your campaign for an even better result? With Barometer, you benefit from the insights gathered in an extensive investigation. You receive a detailed report that includes open- and read-percentages, figures on remembrance, the credibility of your message, brand recognition, purchase intention and more ...

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