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Bring your brand into the heart of the household via the letterbox

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Bring your brand into the heart of the household via the letterbox

In-home Advertising puts your brand right where decisions are made. At the kitchen table. We help you find new customers and build a valuable, profitable relationship with consumers.

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    addressed advertising

    Addressed advertising

    Want to make an attractive offer to customers or prospects with a specific profile? Addressed advertising ensures you speak directly to them and always get their attention.

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    Data and customer insight

    Good customer data are essential for efficient advertising. We help you reach new customers, keep your address database up to date and get to know your customers better.

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    2.3.	Door-to-door advertising

    Door-to-door advertising

    Like to reach all households in the district, city or region where you have your business? Door-to-door advertising brings your message into the heart of the household.

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    advertising mail over the border

    Send advertising mail over the border?

    Check out the possibilities offered by our partner Landmark Global.

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