Vertraging voor pakjes uit Verenigd Koninkrijk en Duitsland
Door IT-problemen bij onze partner in het Verenigd Koninkrijk en stakingen bij Deutsche Post zijn er vertragingen in de bezorging van brieven en pakjes van het Verenigd Koninkrijk en Duitsland naar België. Zodra het pakje in België aankomt, wordt de status van je pakje bijgewerkt. Onze klantendienst kan je hierover helaas geen extra info geven.



bpost group is conducting the majority of its data processing activities itself and within the boundaries of EU. However, in certain cases, these data processing activities involves transfers of personal data outside of the EU. For instance, bpost may transfer personal data to non-EU bpost subsidiaries or postal operators when a parcel needs to be delivered outside Belgium. Also, bpost does engage third-party vendors to assist it in supporting these processing activities. Each of these vendors has gone through a rigorous selection process to ensure it has the required technical expertise and can deliver the appropriate level of security and privacy. Also, as per the GDPR provisions, each of these data transfers is supported by appropriate safeguards: through the use of EC Standard Contractual Clauses or ad-hoc contracts approved the Belgian Data Protection Authority.

In order to provide bpost group’s customer with transparency as to the international data processing transfers outside EU currently carried out by bpost group, you will find below an overview of these data transfers:

Third Parties

bpost group uses third party sub-processors to provide assistance him in connection with the services provided to its customers. These third party sub processors provide application development and maintenance, incident and problem analysis and resolution, IT infrastructure hosting and maintenance and IT Security services:

Third-Party Services provided bpost group services in scope
TCS Belgium [INDIA] IT application development, maintenance and support All
Infosys ltd India [INDIA] IT application development, maintenance and support All
Hewlett-Packard Belgium BVBA [MALAYSIA & INDIA] IT infrastructure management and hosting All
Rackspace [US] IT infrastructure management and hosting International parcels services
Descartes IT application development, maintenance and support International parcels services
Banctec IT application & IT infrastructure development, maintenance and support Scanning services

bpost group also uses international postal operators (through International Post Cooperation) for the delivery of mail & parcel outside of Belgium (incl. customs management).

bpost group Subprocessors

bpost group entities listed below engage non-EU bpost subsidiaries to provide operational mail & parcel delivery and fulfilment services. These may include intake, sorting and delivery services, complaints and service request management, customs management, etc.

bpost subsidiaries bpost group services in scope
Landmark Global [US, CA, SG, CN, AU & HK] International mail & parcels and fulfilment services
Apple Express [CA & US] International mail & parcels and fulfilment services
FDM [AU & NZ] International mail & parcels and fulfilment services
M.S.I. [US] International mail services
Radial [US, CA, UK, IN & SG] fulfilment services

Please note that this list may be updated on regular basis.

Update date: April 2018