valid documents application compensation parcel

If a parcel or registered mail is lost or damaged, you may be entitled to compensation. Depending on the type of shipment, you will have to provide certain documents. The following table shows what is meant by a valid or invalid declaration of non-receipt, proof of deposit, proof of payment and photos of the damage.

Type of documentValidInvalid

Declaration of non-receipt

  • Declaration of non-receipt: completed, dated and signed by the recipient.
  • An e-mail from the recipient indicating the date of shipment (of the e-mail) and the barcode number of the shipment.
  • A (scan of a) letter signed by the recipient stating the date and barcode number.
  • A screenshot of a conversation between the seller and buyer.
  • Declaration of non-receipt, an e-mail or (scan of a) letter without a barcode number or indication of the date.
  • Declaration of non-receipt or (scan of a) letter without a signature.

Proof of deposit

  • The proof of deposit that you receive at the Post Office or Post Point when you deliver the shipment.
  • The signed and dated shipping list that our employee will give you upon collection of the shipment.

A screenshot from Track & Trace or the My bpost app with the status of your shipment.

Proof of payment

A proof of purchase of the contents and value of the shipment, such as:

  • an invoice
  • a receipt
  • a bank statement

A screenshot of a conversation stating the value of the shipment.

Photos of the damage

Photos of the exact damage to the contents and packaging of the shipment.

  • Photo of the shipment/object before the damage.
  • A blurry photo.
  • Photo in which the damage to the content is not clearly visible.