Mobile Postcard | Make photo cards on your smartphone

Mobile Postcard

Mobile Postcard

Send real photo cards from your smartphone

  • Sent from your smartphone, delivered in the letterbox
  • Sent from your smartphone, delivered in the letterbox
  • Delivered within 3 workdays in Belgium, from anywhere in the world

Mobile Postcard explained in 4 steps

Choose a photo on your smartphone

Combine several photos in one photo card; if desired add a video with a QR code.

Write your message

Want to personalise your card even more? Use the frames, filters and stickers in the app.

Send your Mobile Postcard

Send to one or multiple recipients simultaneously. Addresses are saved in your address book automatically.

Delivered within 3 workdays

We print your card, attach a stamp, and deliver it to the recipients letterbox within 3 workdays.

Prices Mobile Postcard*

5 credits

  • From anywhere in the world to Belgium
  • Economical price
  • Valid for 3 years

Send from


10 credits or more

  • From anywhere in the world to Belgium
  • Cheapest option
  • Valid for 3 years

Send from


1 Mobile Postcard

  • From anywhere in the world to Belgium
  • Pay per postcard
  • 1 card to 1 recipient

Send from


*Prices photo card

Pay quickly and safely


What makes Mobile Postcard unique

Handy on holiday

You never have to look for stamps while on holiday. Your card arrives three workdays later in Belgium. Not when you are already back home.

A real postcard

Your family member or loved one receives a personal card in the letterbox. That's is nicer than a text message, Facebook message, or WhatsApp message.


Own photo and layout

Never send boring cards again. Choose your own family photo, selfie or video and create a unique layout with the frames, filters and stickers in the app.

Create photo cards on your computer or smartphone

Send photo cards from your smartphone or tablet

Download Mobile Postcard on your smartphone or tablet. You want to create photo cards on your computer?


Perhaps you still have one of these questions

If you entered a return address, the card will be sent back to you. If you didn't enter a return address and there is an error in the address or the address is incomplete, then we cannot deliver your postcard and it will be destroyed.

Tips for sending your postcard with Mobile Postcard: 

  • Follow the app suggestions if it reports that the address is incorrect.
  • Enter your return address. If something does go wrong, the card will be sent back to you.

You are responsible for the quality of the photos, the layout of your postcard, and the correct address:

  • For your photo or video postcard, choose photos of at least 1831 x 1276 pixels.
  • Check the print preview of your postcard carefully. [
  • Follow the app's suggestions if an error message appears on the address.

For complaints about the quality of your postcard or non-delivery, contact the Customer Care Centre. They will investigate what went wrong. If there was an error in the printing process, the Customer Care Centre will ask you to send a photo of the postcard via e-mail. This will help us find the cause of the error so it can be avoided in the future.

The price does not depend on where you sent the card but on where you are sending it. Discover the prices on the Mobile Postcard website. We have two prices:

  • photo cards and video cards with an addressee in Belgium.
  • photo cards and video cards with an addressee outside Belgium.

Your Mobile Postcard is usually delivered within 3 workdays. Your card arrived later? Our apologies. You can report this to our customer service, preferably via the online form at the bottom of this page, contact our Customer Care Centre.

You can choose the mailing date of your postcard. For example, you can plan all the birthday cards for the entire year. You cannot choose the delivery date. We deliver your postcard within 3 workdays in Belgium. For addresses outside Belgium, we treat your postcard like priority mail – we print your card the same day. For the delivery, we depend on foreign postal services.