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Receiving registered mail

Registered mail

Receiving registered mail

First we offer registered mail at your home address.
You or a proxy can receive it there.

You were not at home and received a failed delivery notice?
In that case, you or a proxy can pick up your registered mail as from the next workday at the location and time mentioned on the failed delivery notice. Registered mail will be returned to the sender after 14 days.

    Follow registered mail

    Want to know where your registered mail is?

    You need the following to receive or pick up registered mail

    The addressee

    • Your ID card

    The proxy

    • -Your own ID card
    • A copy of both sides of the addressee's ID card
    • A mandate or the completed failed delivery notice signed by the addressee.

      Giving a mandate to pick up registered mail one time

      Another person can pick up registered mail that is addressed to you in a Post Office or Post Point if he or she has the following:

      • His or her own ID card
      • A copy of both sides of your ID card
      • The failed delivery notice - the back must be completed and signed by you

        Giving a mandate for a longer period of time, for receiving items at home, or for picking up items without a failed delivery notice

        Another person can receive registered Mail that is addressed to you at your address or pick it up without a failed delivery notice if he or she has the following:

        • His or her ID card
        • A copy of both sides of your ID card
        • A completed and signed Written Postal Mandate

          Receiving registered mail for a company?

          Perhaps you still have one of these questions

          bpost delivers during the weekend in certain cases. This depends on the type of shipment, the sender and the delivery address. Letters and registered mail are currently only delivered on weekdays.

          Some senders, such as certain web shops, have agreements with bpost to have their parcels delivered to home addresses on Saturdays and Sundays.

          It is therefore possible that your parcel will be delivered:

          • to a Pick-up point or Parcel Locker on Saturday between 8:00 and 17:00
          • or to your home on Sunday between 9:00 and 19:00

          You can follow the status of your parcel via the My bpost app or Track & Trace.

          You can give a postal mandate to someone (18 and older) using the postal mandate form. To do this you must:

          • download, complete and sign the postal mandate form
          • give a copy of both sides of your ID card to the postal proxy

          When the postman comes around, your postal proxy will be asked to show the following documents:

          • his/her own ID card
          • the completed mandate form
          • the copy of both sides of your ID card

          You can also pick up your registered mail by showing the barcode or mailing number. Don't forget to bring your ID card. Let us know if your postman didn't leave a failed delivery notice so that we can improve our services.

          Only the addressee(s) or those with a postal mandate from the addressee(s) can accept registered mail. The item is only delivered after signing for receipt and checking the ID card of the addressee(s) or postal proxy. The sender determines who the item must be handed over to.


          Your registered mail remains available in the designated Post Point or Post Office for 15 calendar days. A judicial letter remains available for 8 days.