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20 augustus 2018 - 7 Minuten leestijd


Sailing Week Match Cup Sweden at Marstrand attracts around one hundred thousand visitors. It is an exclusive event and an ideal opportunity for many companies to invite potential and existing customers to everything from sailing contests and seminars to the occasional glass of rosé. Invitations to events have become increasingly flamboyant in recent times. A spirit of excess, party-time and invitations fashioned from exclusive materials has taken over. But what do you do if you are a recycling company, that not only wants to stand out in the pile of VIP invitations, but also wants to spread the message about recycling?  



At Hans Andersson's own recycling sites they had all components for their invitations  – everything from envelopes to office paper. They set out to make invitations that could only have come from them, Hans Andersson Recycling. Old envelopes and papers were given a second chance to deliver their message. And the customers were not seduced by fancy gimmicks and gold foil but by the care and thought that had gone into each mailing. Watch the inspiring casemovie.




This is a good old-fashioned demonstration of what Hans Andersson actually does. The fact is, you don’t have to be humourless and boring to be environmentally aware. You can still enjoy a good party while helping to save the planet and that’s what this communicates so nicely – that Hans Andersson is a company we can like.