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Since the establishment of bpost, your privacy is one of our core values. The clearest example of this is our strict compliance with the confidentiality of mail in accordance with the Belgian constitution and the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.  

In a world that is becoming more digital, bpost must collect and process personal data to be able to deliver the products and services that you desire. This document explains our policy to protect your privacy and personal data so that we can continue to merit your trust.  

Personal data

Personal data include all specific information related to a natural person who can be identified. It includes your name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, products and services that you have used, information that you provided via our website or other contact channels, etc. 

    Gathering personal data

    bpost postal activities 

    Your personal data can be processed by bpost for carrying out and improving the efficiency and quality of its postal, newspaper and packages delivery services. That information is usually given to bpost by the sender of post or packages; it generally includes your name, address, telephone number, email address, a description of the items sent, and the name and address of the sender. 

    For destinations outside Belgium, certain data related to the shipment may also be given to the authorities of the country/countries of transit or destination for customs clearance and taxes or for security checks. The following information can be communicated: name and address of the sender and the addressee, description of the goods, number of items, weight and value of the shipment. These data are never used by bpost for marketing purposes. 


    Other bpost services 

    Your personal data can also be processed as part of financial or other services provided by bpost (e.g. forwarding of post due to moving, bpaid prepaid credit card services, etc.). In such cases, the general terms and conditions of the service that you are using contain a specific information statement. In general, we use the personal data that you give us to offer the services you have requested, for administrative purposes, or to satisfy legal requirements. 


    Recording phone conversations between bpost customers and bpost call centre employees 

    bpost makes audio recordings of phone conversations between callers and call centre employees. The following data are registered or saved: identification data, the telephone number, the conversation, the time and duration of the call, and the department associated with the call. 

    It concerns calls to the numbers 02 278 50 44 (private customers), 02 201 11 11 (business customers), 02 274 09 034 (RIZIV orders) and 02 278 55 60 (traffic fines) and calls made from these numbers when employees phone callers back as part of a dossier follow-up. 

    The objective of recording conversations is to improve bpost's service to customers via ‘phone coaching’ and by analysing large quantities of calls related to the same service or to a certain problem that customers are dealing with. 

    Fifty per cent of the calls (and the abovementioned details related to those calls) are registered and saved for a period of maximum six months, after which the recordings and details are destroyed. 

    In the specific case of calls to the bpost banking service (postal info, option 1 on 02 278 50 44), the MiFID II legislation (Directive 2014/65/EU on financial instruments markets and amending Directive 2002/92/EC and Directive 2011/61/EU) requires bpost to save and store the registration of phone conversations or electronic communication that are related to transactions concluded when dealing on one's own account and the provision of services related to receiving, transmitting and executing client orders, for a period of 10 years. 


    bpost websites 

    Your personal data can be processed by bpost to give you feedback regarding a question, request or complaint. In that case, the following data are processed: your name, address, phone number, email address, and a description of the question, request or complaint. 

    For the use of cookies, we refer to our “Cookies policy”. 


    Data processing by bpost for direct marketing purposes 

    If you are a bpost customer, we can use your personal data – unless you have objected to such further use – to contact you, after analysing your profile, for commercial purposes, and to inform you about our products and services. 

    If you are not a bpost customer, your personal data will not be used for commercial purposes unless you have given explicit consent. In any case, you can revoke your permission at any time (see below). 


    Processing the data of children 

    bpost's products and services are not aimed at children and bpost does not promote or market its services to children. If you think that we accidentally or unintentionally collected and used the personal data of a minor without the appropriate permission (from a person who is capable and authorised to give consent), inform us via the information form so that we can immediately delete such data from our servers and make the necessary corrections. 


    Camera surveillance 

    bpost has installed surveillance cameras in publicly accessible enclosed locations to guarantee the safety of its personnel and property, and to clarify the circumstances of an accident, theft or other incidents. 

    The images are viewed in real-time at large bpost sites (sorting centres, headquarters in Brussels, EMC/Brucargo, Jemelle, stamp printing house in Mechelen, Cargoville) by the operators of a certified, external video room that, if necessary, calls for an intervention in the event of a violation, damage, or public disturbance. 

    In other bpost sites, the images are analysed by the bpost Security department or the certified, external incident room in the event of incidents or alarms. 

    The images are stored for 30 days. 

      Handing over personal data

      bpost does not communicate, sell, transmit or spread your personal data to parties outside the bpost group, unless this is required to execute the agreement (e.g. delivery of post or a package abroad, collection or delivery of post or packages by logistics partners, delivery of packages in a post point, etc.), unless this is a legal requirement, or unless you gave bpost your explicit permission to do so. 

      Access to your personal data can be granted to our IT service providers who are sometimes located outside the European Economic Area. All the measures described in the contractual model provisions of the EU are imposed on these service providers. 

        Data storage

        Your personal data are stored for the duration of your subscription to our services, as long as is required by law, for the period necessary to handle complaints, for the period that is listed in the information statement that was supplied when you communicated your data, and for thirty (30) days after your request for termination. 

          Data security

          bpost takes technical and organisational security measures to protect your personal data from destruction, loss, alteration, inspection or misuse. bpost also undertakes to limit access to the personal data whenever possible, and only grants access when this is necessary. Employees who have access to the data are informed of their obligations regarding data security. The security measures are reviewed regularly and adjusted to guarantee a suitable level of security. 

            How can you inspect your personal data?

            If you want to inspect your personal data and correct it if necessary, if you want it to be deleted or wish to limit the processing of your personal data, if you wish to contest the processing of your personal data or wish to withdraw your consent, or if you want to transfer the data, you can contact us online via the web form or you can send a dated and signed request, together with a copy of your ID card, to the following address: bpost, Data Protection Office, Munt Anspachlaan 1/1, 1000 Brussels. We will reply within 30 days. 

            If you don't receive the expected answer to your request, you can lodge a complaint with the authorised authority in Belgium:


              If you have questions related to the processing of your personal data, you can contact bpost's Data Protection Office: bpost, Data Protection Office, Anspachlaan 1/1, 1000 Brussels.