Prepare your business parcels for shipment

Prepare your business parcels for shipment

Prepare your business parcels for shipment

Send your parcels quickly and easily

  • Save time in your packaging and shipping process
  • Step-by-step plan for a safe and secure delivery
  • Make use of eco-friendly packaging


You can easily prepare your parcels yourself using the following step-by-step plan. This way you can be sure your order will arrive in perfect condition.

  1. Select an appropriate box
    • Choose a sturdy box (suitable for the contents).
    • The heavier the contents, the sturdier the box needs to be.
  2. Fill any empty space
    • For example, use newspaper to fill the empty space in the box.
    • Always pack breakable objects carefully, for example using bubble wrap.
  3. Seal the box
    • Use strong, wide adhesive tape (at least 48mm).
    • Ensure the box is properly closed, checking the sides too.
  4. Create a shipping label
  5. Affix the shipping label
    • Stick the shipping label to the largest surface and check that it can be easily read.
    • If you’re reusing a box, remove any other labels or codes.
  6. Drop off and keep track of your parcel

You’ll find more tips on safe, sustainable packaging in our practical packaging guide.

    Envoyez votre colis sans vous déplacer

    Have your parcels collected

    Once you’ve prepared your parcels, we pick them up at your office or other location. We can also package your parcels for you, leaving you to focus on your customers.

      Fully outsource the logistics

      Let us fully or partly take care of the logistics of your orders. We’re happy to help you with order packaging, stock management, order picking, returns processing etc.

        Déléguez toute votre logistique
        Préparation des grandes quantités de colis

        Prepare a large amount of parcels

        Are you handling a large amount of parcels? No problem. From planning and measuring to fitting and calculating, you don’t need to worry about a thing. We provide a solution tailored to you and your customers.

          Make use of eco-friendly bpost packaging

          In our eShop or one of your local bpost points of sale you’ll find a wide range of eco-friendly boxes and (gift) packaging. This way you can be sure that your parcel meets the guidelines.

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