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Richard Bakker _ Pluto Sport works with bpost
14 June 2024
For online retailers, choosing a trusted local logistics partner is crucial when expanding into an additional market. One-stop-shop Plutosport was well aware of this fact when it expanded its horizon by venturing into the Belgian market: the international online retailer went into business with bpost.

Richard Bakker is Logistics & Operations Manager at Plutosport, a web shop operating from the Netherlands and providing life style fashion and a range of sporting goods to all demographics, from textile and shoes to bags and accessories. The brand already attracted a lot of Belgian customers via its Dutch, French and German web extensions, but in view of its high growth potential in our country, a plutosport.be site was launched last year. Due to his position, Bakker was closely involved in this effort. We found him prepared to expand a little on the partnership with bpost that is associated with the site.

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Collaborating with the number one in Belgium

It goes without saying that it takes more than setting up a web shop with a fitting extension to achieve an expansion into a new market. A lot is involved. “We adopted the structure and lay-out of the Dutch version, but aspects such as payment methods also come into play. Preferences vary widely from country to country.” And then there's the matter of logistics. To solve this, Bakker and co had to take their company's inventory management into account, which is centralised for all export countries in the Dutch warehouse. Establishing a suitable collaboration with a Belgian parcel delivefry company was just as crucial.

"It won't surprise anyone that where transport and logistics are concerned, we were aiming for speed at a competitive rate. We also endeavoured to attract reliable partners, who keep their promises and maintain excellent customer service.” On the basis of these criteria Plutosport arrived at bpost and its well-established logistics network. “Collaborating with the Belgian number one clearly gives us the advantage.”


Next day delivery at home

Going into business with bpost enables Plutosport to deliver its Belgian orders at lightning speed. Moreover, Belgium is the only country besides the Netherlands where retailers are able to offer next-day delivery at home. This is not only due to its geographical proximity, according to Bakker. “If we were to work with a different partner, we would also be farther removed from Belgium metaphorically. Bpost is known for achieving the fastest shipments from the Netherlands to Belgium. Which is important, as customers require certain items from our inventory to be delivered at home as soon as possible. Orders reaching us before 10 PM will arrive on their doorstep the next day.”


Local expertise

Bakker and his colleagues consider the fact that they can rely on a Dutch contact person at bpost a 'nice to have'. Bpost's extensive expertise regarding the Belgian e-commerce market is yet another asset. “So far we haven't really put this expertise to use, but I certainly see its potential for the future. It would help us to optimise our Belgian branding and enable us to reach and serve local customers in the best way.” With some 100.000 parcel deliveries per year, Belgium is Plutosport's third sales market, after the Netherlands and Germany, but everything seems to be in place to accelerate sales market momentum.

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