C02 neutral delivery of your mailings and parcels in Belgium

CO2 compensation

CO2 neutral delivery of your mailings and parcels in Belgium

With climate neutral shipments, the environment wins. And so do you.
Since your customers expect your business to be sustainable, we compensate the CO<sub>2</sub> emissions we cannot (yet) avoid:

  • For all parcels within Belgium
  • For Clean Mail, Contract Letters and Direct Mail delivered to our (Hyper) MassPost Centers

How does carbon offset work?


Climate neutral distribution of mail and parcels

By 2030

Emit at least 55% less CO2

By 2040

Achieve net zero emissions

Offsetting CO2 emissions

What about the CO2 that we cannot yet avoid? We offset it by supporting ambitious projects in Turkey and India which help reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and contribute to a cleaner future.

Learn more about the project in India

Learn more about the project in Turkey

CO2 emissions offsetting
CO2 neutral delivery

Inform your customers with a CO2 neutral label

Show your commitment to the environment and create awareness about your environmental program with our, or CO2logic’s, CO2 neutral label. The label can be used for your mailings, parcels, website or webshop.

At the end of the year, our Contractual Mail customers receive a certificate for their participation in the CO2 compensation program. The certificate can be used for your corporate communications.

Download the CO2 neutral label

How can I add the carbon neutral label to my mailings?

You can add the label to the following zones:

Zone 3: the franking and stamping zone
Zone 4: the free zone for the sender
Zone 7: the semi-free zone for the sender

You can find more practical information in the MassPost guide.

Letter zones

How much does it cost to offset my shipments’ carbon emissions?

You don't have to pay anything for climate neutral deliveries.
We take care of the compensation in full.

Learn more about our sustainability initiatives